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Skip the excuses and make 2013 the year you keep your resolutions

by anonymous | Feb 19, 2013 | Blog, Residential

Last year the most commonly broken New Years Resolution was to ‘become physically fit’, in third and fourth place were to ‘improve health’ and to ‘lose weight’. Alas, just one month down the line 36% of people admitted that their resolutions had sizzled out and after 6 months only 46% of resolutions were still going strong. So with keeping fit being the top resolution for 2013, how are you making sure you’ll beat the half way point?

For many, getting fit means purchasing an overpriced gym membership that barely gets used. It’s too busy or noisy, the classes are full, the swimming pools too cold. If we had to make New Years Resolutions for making excuses, we’d be doing just fine. 

Working out at home has been a great way for healthy homeowners to stick to their resolutions and aim high. Figuring out a daily routine can be even easier with the help of a home gym. If the thought of bringing dumbbells into the dining room or a bench press into the bedroom isn’t that appealing, you might not need to look any further than your back garden.

A garden gym is a great way to avoid busy, public gyms but not feel like you’re working out at home. Designed to give you privacy in a natural, inspirational environment, they make burning off the calories more appealing than ever.

Recently we helped health-conscious Angela transform the tired, unused space in her garden into a peaceful escape. She wanted a natural building that would compliment her beautiful grounds and allow her to enjoy the view whilst working out.


“I’m incredibly proud of the building and love the fact that it allows me to exercise in the way that I want, early in the morning. When I’m in it I feel like I’m somewhere different and yet it blends in so well with the house.”

Features such as acoustic glass and seals for noise reduction, heat reflective film for privacy and built-in TV and audio equipment for surround sound entertainment make our garden gyms completely bespoke. Multi-room options allow for a separate changing and shower area, particularly popular with homeowners who have made exercising a career with Personal Training and Yoga.

Bringing the gym to your garden takes away the commute to your local leisure centre and allows you to exercise from the comfort of your own home. The excuses are rapidly fading away; a garden gym could change your attitude towards exercise and help make 2013 the year you keep your resolutions.



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