“It is warm, light and a great space to teach in.”

5 Matt Fletcher, Executive Headteacher (Eco Classroom customer)

“The service was fantastic throughout the duration of the project and the end results are fantastic too.”

5 Rachel Parangi, Estates & Facilities Capital Projects Co-ordinator (Eco Nursery customer)

"The space is bright and the eco-friendly building fits in well with the rest of the school."

5 Vicky Chatterjee, Headteacher (Multi purpose Eco Buiding customer)

'Working with the TG Escapes was very good. The buildings provide a better quality environment for staff and students.' 

4 Robert Mullen, Estates & Facilities Manager (Double storey eco classrooms customer)

“The children love using the space and take great pride in looking after it.”

4 Becky Freeman, Deputy Headteacher (Eco Library customer)

“Absolutely excellent! We cannot fault any aspect of our experience.”

5 Sandra Hartley, Headteacher (Eco Classroom customer)

“They understood our needs and produced a design that we knew would meet those needs, amazing.”

5 Alex Clark, CEO of Trust (Double storey eco classroom block customer)

“The buildings have a very 'tranquil' feel to them.”

5 Rachel Smith, Assistant Headteacher (Eco-classrooms and School Hall customer)

“Excellent, would recommend them to any school.”

5 David Edwards, Headmaster (Eco-Nursery customer)

“Fantastic learning environment.”

5 Claire McKeown, Headteacher (Eco-classroom and training room customer)

“TG Escapes really understand the needs of schools”

5 Andy Brettell, Headteacher (Multi-use eco classroom customer)

‘The most common reaction when a new family enters the building is “WOW!”.’

5 Diane Wycherley, Senior Area Manager Tops Day Nurseries (Eco-Nursery customer)

“light, bright natural space”

5 Alison Doherty, Managing Director (Eco-Nursery customer)

"We liked the style of the building and the rapid timescale."

4 Charlotte Watson, School Business Manager (SEN Eco-classroom customer)


5 Barbara Neville, Headteacher (Eco-classroom customer)

 “Very good.”

4 Jill Alcorn, Business Manager (Chapel customer)

‘Working with TG Escapes was a very good experience.’

5 Louise Prodromou, School Business Manager, The Raglan Schools (Eco-Nursery customer)


5 Bev Carter, Senior Finance Officer (Music Studio customer)

“Very good”

5 Bianca Foley (Multi-use Garden Room customer)

“A very well managed and collaborative project.”

5 Kiran Hingorani, Principal (Performing Arts Studio customer)

“A wonderful learning space.”

5 Sam King, Headteacher (Eco-Classroom customer)

“From design and planning through to construction TG escapes were fantastic to deal with.”

5 Andy Gibbons, Facilities Manager (SEN Eco-Classroom customer)

“A very nice space to learn in.”

4 Nik Marshall, Site Manager (Eco-Classrooms customer)

“Our pupils feel valued and like the roominess and light”

5 David Duncan, Headteacher (Eco-building customer)

‘The team involved in creating our classroom were very good’

4 John Robson, Properties Manager (Eco-Classroom customer)

“Comfortable. Adaptable. Aesthetically pleasing.”

4 Nic Maxwell, Headteacher (Music Studio customer)

“The whole team has been amazing from sales to completion.”

5 Debbie Hawkins, SBM (Music Studio customer)

“An amazing building that supports teaching and learning.”

4 Kathy Haig, School Business Manager (Eco-Classroom customer)

“Excellent. The whole process was worry free.”

5 Rupert Madeley, Headteacher (Eco-Classroom customer)

“Good communication and customer service”

4 Corinne Wilkes, School Business Manager (Eco-classroom customer)

“Beautiful buildings that suited the natural surroundings,”

5 Stacey Coleman, Headteacher (Eco-classroom customer)

“A breath of fresh air.”

5 Richard Purvis (Garden Gym customer)

"Now every one of our students can fully participate in the outdoor curriculum."

5 Judith Leadbeater (Eco-Classroom for SEN customer)

“Very positive impact on staff wellbeing.”

5 Julie Mickleburgh, Head Teacher (Staff Room customer)

“Great recommendations.”

5 Anne McArthur (Garden Room customer)

“The space is fantastic!”

4 Rebecca Dunn (Garden Studio customer)

"I was drawn by the design, craftsmanship and structural integrity of the building."

4 Andy Daniels Senior Facilities Manager (Modular Classroom customer)

“Very professional and trustworthy.”

5 Jon Welch (Garden office and gym customer)

“A great place to work”

5 John Desmond (Garden Office customer)

“The new room was up and running incredibly quickly.”

5 Simon Dix, Headteacher (SEN Eco-Classroom customer)

"We really liked the design and structure of the building."

4 Robert Lakin (Eco-classroom customer)

“Brilliant new inside and outside classrooms.”

5 Kirsten Knight, Head of Pre-prep (Eco-Nursery customer)

“A smooth operation from start to finish, with expert advice on hand at all times.”

5 Lindsey Moran - Bursar (Eco teacher training room customer)

“We have a beautiful, multi-purpose room which has just blended into our environment.”

5 Christine McCrone, Headteacher (Community Eco-room customer)

The whole experience was excellent: no hesitation in awarding the team 5 stars.

5 Wendy Zaidi - Headteacher (Eco-classroom and library customer)

“A highly professional service and great customer care provided by a receptive site manager.”

5 Susan Roberts – School Business Manager (Eco-Classroom customer)

"Excellent in every way."

5 Rachel Sharp – Chair of the Grants Committee (Allotment meeting centre customer)

"The professional attitude from all we have dealt with has been exceptional." 

5 Mark Thrower – Head Teacher (Eco-Classroom customer)


5 Helen Garrett - School Business Manager (Eco-Classroom customer)

The whole team were absolutely brilliant from start to finish

5 Keith Peacock (Garden consulting room customer)

“It’s a very comfortable and flexible space, with superb light throughout the building”

5 Sue Bladen, Business Manager, Pitmaston Primary School (Eco-Classroom customer)

"Very professional."

5 Marlene Garfoot, Bursar (Eco-classroom customer)

 “ Our eco-classroom is flexible and inspiring, the perfect escape.” 

5 Mrs Wendy Hull, Headteacher (School Building customer)

"The Garden Escape really understand what a great studio needs."

5 Susan Wadsworth (Garden studio customer)

"It's just a really lovely way to inspire the children in their learning."

5 Fiona Wood, Teacher (Outdoor Classroom customer)

"From a teachers perspective, I love this cabin."

5 Gwen Thomas, Headteacher (School building customer)

I would recommend The Commercial Escape for their beautiful red cedar buildings and their ability to produce high quality work that Kew are very happy with'

5 Sue Runyard - Head of Corporate Communications & PR Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (Commercial Escape customer)

"No Problems"

4 Nikki Elliott, School Business Manager (Eco-classroom customer)