19 Nov 2015

What is an Eco-classroom?

Eco classroom by The Learning Escape

The term eco-classroom is an abridgement of the more accurate, but unwieldy, title ecologically friendly classroom. The commonly used phrase eco-friendly can be applied to products (from food and clothing to cars and washing machines), practices and buildings. The most common dictionary definition is “not harmful to the environment”. There is, however, an array of attributes to which a building (product or practice) needs to adhere in order for it to be categorised as authentically eco-friendly.

12 Nov 2015

What does a garden room build look like?

Garden office build

When we meet new customers they are always keen to understand what the build experience will be like for them? How much disruption will there be? What will be the impact on my garden? How long will my garden room take to build? What will the garden room design and build team be like to work with?

5 Nov 2015

What is A Modular Building?

Pupil numbers are rising and expected to continue to do so (at least until the 2020s) and school budgets under pressure (for the foreseeable future). In these times of limited resources and an uncertain future, many schools are looking for a time and cost efficient solution to their immediate need for additional teaching space: modular classrooms. For many, this conjures up an image of an unsightly pre-fab, mobile structure craned into the most accessible, though not necessarily the most desirable, spot.

2 Nov 2015

Ideas for your Garden Room Interior

Garden living room

One of the many things we love about our customers, is the diversity of their ideas. It is always a thrill to accompany them on their journey to creating that unique, special space that perfectly fulfils their dream.

22 Oct 2015

Mindfulness In The Garden

Mindfulness Image

Earlier this year, a special parliamentary group was assigned the task of assessing the potential impact of mindfulness. This week it has recommended that the Government makes mindfulness therapy more widely available: via the NHS to more than half a million adults diagnosed with depression and in schools, prisons and workplaces.