Ideas for your Garden Room Interior

Inside a garden room art studio

One of the many things we love about our customers, is the diversity of their ideas. It is always a thrill to accompany them on their journey to creating that unique, special space that perfectly fulfils their dream.

Over the years we have created garden rooms for many purposes. Indeed, we have created many rooms to satisfy multiple requirements. Always, we like to think, we have created a space that perfectly suits the individuals who entrust us with their vision. And so, if you are thinking of creating your own tailor-made garden room, here are just a few of our clients’ ideas to give you a feel for what can be achieved.

Garden office and gym by The Garden Escape (24).jpg

Thinking of a gym, maybe? Time to consider what it is that is going to get you bounding down the garden path for your regular workout (apart from the sprung floor and great view) and what else you might want to use the space for. Perhaps you want to create a room that combines exercise space and an office…

garden escape shower room lights on.jpg

maybe with a luxury shower room to hose down when switching from body work to brain work.

garden gym with pool table

Or you might want to be able to hide the gym kit behind a beautiful screen, when it’s not in use, to make way for more sedate recreation and relaxation….pool table or super comfy sofa…it’s up to you.

Garden Office with cycle training room showing sunpipes.JPG

And what about the lighting effect you wish to create. The addition of sun pipes can add a burst of extra light into any chosen part of your room, whether above a desk or above an easel in an art studio.

Garden room by The Garden Escape with large skylight

Or maybe a stunning atrium roof to suffuse the entire space with brilliant daylight and perhaps a great big sink to clean off all your brushes and palettes.

Large garden studio sink

Or some subtle down lighting and sliding window screens to create a deeply relaxed vibe for a therapy room or yoga studio.

Garden studio with screens

Or maybe you just want to create an entire spa experience, with clean lines, zero fuss and a wholly natural feel, in a hidden corner of your garden.

Garden room with spa

You might simply wish to extend your living accommodation, whether it be for the kids as they grow older and bigger or for the entire family.

Garden Escape relaxation room

You can create sumptuous, cosy interiors, perfect for snuggling up together…or apart. You can focus seating on a huge big TV or have it facing out onto the beauty of your garden: it’s up to you.

Garden Annexe with decking for children in north London by The Garden Escape (1).JPG

Or maybe take your living space quite literally outside, onto a magnificent covered decking area.

Garden room with cooking area and shower room

Or tuck away a compact, bijou cooking area so that you (or the boomerang big kids perhaps) can rustle up a cuppa, a snack or even an entire meal without having to wend your way back to the main kitchen when thirst or hunger strikes. A loo isn’t a bad idea either!

Garden room toilet and basin