Case Study

Garden Recreation Room

Building type: Rooms
Project price: £31,000
Completion date: 2013

With growing teenagers, the Banner family wanted to develop a garden room that would free up more space in the main house.

They tell us how their Garden Escape has made the best of dead space in their garden and given the whole family room to move.

Why did you want to develop a garden room?

We wanted to create more space in our home and originally thought that the only option was a basement excavation. We knew that it would be expensive and disruptive so we were looking for another way to make the room that we needed. We had dead space at the end of our garden that we felt we could make better use of and that’s when we thought about turning it into a garden room.

What made The Garden Escape stand out from other providers?

We had a personal recommendation of The Garden Escape from some friends. We’ve always loved the setup they’ve got in their garden and saw how quickly and efficiently the room was designed and built. We knew that we would be getting high quality service and a room that was completely unique to our home. One aspect that really stood out to us was the longevity. Their rooms are built to last so we know no matter how our family changes and grows over the years, the new building will change and grow with us.

What are the biggest benefits you have noticed, both for you and your family?

Our garden room is currently being used the kid’s TV and video game room, a gym and a bike store. These activities were previously taking up space in the house and were being compromised by the lack of room around them. Now we have more space indoors and there is a designated area for our children when they want to relax or workout. It’s a much better environment for everyone now.

How did you find working with The Garden Escape overall?

Very good. The team was friendly and efficient. They worked with us to design the perfect room for the space we had available. They talked us through all of our options with no hard sell. We certainly did not experience the disruptions we would have done if we had chosen the basement excavation alternative, we barely noticed the team were there!

It was clear that they were experts and knew how to overcome any obstacle. 
Gregory Banner
Garden Annexe customer