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Multi-room garden buildings boost space and practicality

Innovative and stylish garden buildings with multiple rooms are a popular request from homeowners that want to make the most of their space in an innovative and functional way. Creating garden rooms that are practical and multi-purpose can be a challenge but there are...

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Make no excuses for breaking healthy resolutions this New Year

The presents are unwrapped, the chocolates demolished and there's just one more portion of leftovers remaining. Christmas is officially over and minds are switching from present organising to New Years planning. The most popular resolution in the UK for 2012 was to...

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Add more value to your home in your own back garden

The fluctuating housing market is a challenge for any homeowner and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find new and innovative ways to increase the value of your home. A good kitchen and bathroom are always top of the value checklist but more homeowners are...

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Form Following Function in Environmental Architecture

Architecture is only beautiful so far as it is consistent with natural forms and landscapes. In his essay 'Form Following Function in Environmental Architecture,' Gabriel Sistare, a writer and editor, considers how architecture is necessarily restricted by the...

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Five questions to ask your garden room designer

Starting a garden room project from scratch can leave you asking a lot of questions... Will that hill get in the way? Who do I need to contact about planning permission? How can I make sure I’m making the most of the sunshine?  It’s your garden and your home so...

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Garden Rooms vs. Conservatories & Extensions

It’s not breaking news that homeowners are running out of space. Families are getting larger and new homes are becoming smaller. Rather than moving somewhere bigger, more and more people are choosing to make the most of the space they do have available and creating...

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Saving Space with The Garden Escape

Recent research carried out by the Royal Institute of British Architects has suggested that new houses are far too small. Many Britons are beginning to find that their new builds don’t have space to store everything they need and still have room to relax. There have...

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A Garden Office can be the perfect working space

Some good tips here at Home Designing for creating an inspiring work space at home. A garden room can provide the solution to a stressful and expensive commute saving you money, time and even your sanity. We think that a dedicated space in the outdoors makes a good...

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Mr Campbell-Harris’ clients get the personal touch

As a personal trainer, Mr Campbell-Harris spends a good deal of time inspiring his clients. He wanted a space at home from which he could work which would do just the same. Now, clients benefit from a more personal touch.“Having my own personal training space,...

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