External buildings that are eco-friendly

We aim to be eco-friendly from bottom to top - from the minimal use of concrete in our foundations to living roofs; from sustainably sourced cedar walls to insulation made from 80%-recycled glass.

We often include wind and solar power into our builds as a clean renewable source of energy and we're offsetting our own CO2 emissions with Climate Care.

Building structure

Our buildings are created using a framework of the latest super-strong Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs).

The beautiful Canadian Red Western Cedar we use in our buildings is sourced from sustainable forests (FSC and PEFC certified) and is used in its natural state free from toxic treatments.

Our unique combination of intelligent and site specific design, high insulation values and high-performance energy saving technologies ensure that our buildings earn a 'A' rating if and when they need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

  • Draught-sealed High Performance Door and Windows
  • Breathable, Eco Friendly Roof
  • Low-Energy and Daylight Lighting
  • Environmentally Friendly Foundations
  • Energy-Efficient Heating and Lighting

Example pricing based on standard sizes

Every Garden Escape project is different but to make our pricing as easy to understand as possible we start with a set of standard sizes. You can also see our full price list and size matrix.

External 2.7m x 3.3m
From £20,500
External 3.9m x 5.6m
From £30,000
External 3.9m x 8.6m
From £39,300