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We design and build modular eco-buildings for schools - The Learning Escape, homes - The Garden Escape and business - The Commercial Escape.

With our architects Metropolis Architecture we design the bespoke building you need for classrooms, studios, staff rooms, libraries, gyms, offices, recreation rooms and even a sausage kiosk in Kensington.

A Complete Service

We provide a complete service including planning permissions, site preparation, safety compliance, design and build, using sustainable materials and energy efficient features.

Based in Coventry and Herefordshire we cover the whole of the UK and Eire as well as some European markets. Every project starts with a free site visit and survey so we can understand your space and requirements to deliver the best quality solution for you.

Projects can be completed from start to finish in as little as 3 weeks. A two storey art block will take a little longer!

Our History

A privately owned company, TG Escapes Ltd. started out in 2003 with the launch of The Garden Escape. The business was founded by husband and wife team Richard and Kath Harvey in partnership with Metropolis Architecture.

The team saw an opportunity to design contemporary garden offices built from sustainable materials to encourage people to work from home. The idea came from the belief that if more people worked from home, they would spend less time travelling to work, expend less energy and have a better quality of life. They also knew that the space you are in has a huge impact on how you work. A garden shed wouldn’t get you leaping out of bed in the morning but a stylish building with large windows, sun pipes, and perhaps a sedum roof could provide an inspiring space that was friendly to the environment.

This same approach was loved by schools and businesses so The Learning Escape and The Commercial Escape were born.

The Team

The team still led by Richard Harvey is now over 30 strong including architects, surveyors, structural engineers, manufacturing, project management, technicians and craftsmen.

Some of the TG Escapes team

More than 700 buildings to date

Together, we manage the entire process from design, to planning approval and the build itself to give our customers a beautiful, bespoke building that fits perfectly with their chosen location and individual needs. To date, we have created more than 700 eco-buildings. Take a look at our case sudies for examples of how our buildings are used in education, in gardens and for business.

When developing our buildings the environment, and how to look after it, has always been at the forefront of our minds. We are committed to using eco-friendly materials, methods and technologies to create ecologically sound and sustainable buildings. A significant consequence of the way in which our buildings are constructed, is that they are highly energy efficient: a typical Garden Escape should cost no more than £200 p.a. to run. Indeed, our more recent school buildings have been awarded an A rated Energy Performance Certificate which, in layman’s terms, is equivalent to an A rated fridge or washing machine.

To name just a few examples (standard to all our buildings), our insulation material is not only highly effective, but also one of the most environmentally sustainable products available in today’s market. Our full length windows and doors are made with low E glass, are double glazed and are specially coated to minimize heat emissions: they also bathe the room in brilliant natural light so, even on gloomy days, the need for artificial lighting is minimal. If you are willing to make a larger investment up front, we can incorporate a sedum roof, solar panels or even a wind turbine to bring your energy bills close to zero. All it is going to cost to continue to enjoy your Escape for years to come is the odd tub of oil to keep the elements at bay.

  • We have built over 700 Eco Buildings in 12 years
  • Our Eco Buildings have won national design awards
  • Our TG Escapes customers awarded us 5 out of 5, based on 98 reviews
"The whole team were absolutely brilliant from start to finish."
5Keith Peacock

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