What is a modular classroom and what are the benefits?

A modular classroom is an educational building constructed using pre-fabricated components which are built off-site and then assembled on location. Modular classrooms are often used as stand-alone single or multi-classroom buildings where space in the school has reached capacity. The key benefits of this building method are the cost and time savings during the building process compared to traditional construction methods.

Are modular classrooms portable?

No, not necessarily, ‘modular’ buildings are simply gain their name due to the way they are constructed, often in fixed locations with foundations. However, some styles of modular buildings can be craned in to the most accessible location

Are modular classrooms temporary?

Again, this depends on the provider you choose to use. Our bespoke modular school buildings are permanent, designed in accordance with euro code zero to exceed 60 years lifespan.

Our Process

Our school buildings are designed by our Architects to meet or exceed the same building codes and standards as conventional, site built structures. Whilst every building is different and tailored to the specific needs of your school, we use a modular approach to our construction process.

Modular classroom build process diagram


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What is the build time?

There are many factors that can impact the build time of a project, but we aim to complete a build of a typical 1 classroom modular building in 6 weeks.


Below are a few of examples of our most popular modular educational buildings:


Small Modular Classroom

2-3 Classroom

Modular Double Classroom

Multi Classroom

Modular School Building

You can find the costs and time scales of our modular classrooms on our range and pricing page and for further examples visit our case studies.

Below is a video case study of one of our recent projects at for Swalcliffe Park School where we built a new modular classroom which is being used as a performing arts studio as well as providing a space for the wider community

Case Studies

Double Storey Eco Classrooms at Claremont Fan Court School
'Working with TG Escapes was very good. The buildings provide a better quality environment for staff and students.' 

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Eco-Nursery at Bickley Park School in Bromley – Video
“Both children and staff love learning and working in the building due to the amount of natural light and space. Free flow access to a covered deck is a huge advantage so that outdoor learning can take place in all weathers.”

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Multi Purpose Block at Shotton Hall Academy – Video
“You are in effect getting a permanent building for half the cost of bricks and mortar. We were intrigued by TG Escapes' different approach to learning environments and after visiting their other projects we were blown away.”

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