The Learning Escape Testimonials

“Fantastic learning environment.”

5 Claire McKeown, Headteacher (Eco-classroom and training room customer)

“TG Escapes really understand the needs of schools”

5 Andy Brettell, Headteacher (Multi-use eco classroom customer)

‘The most common reaction when a new family enters the building is “WOW!”.’

5 Diane Wycherley, Senior Area Manager Tops Day Nurseries (Eco-Nursery customer)

“light, bright natural space”

5 Alison Doherty, Managing Director (Eco-Nursery customer)

"We liked the style of the building and the rapid timescale."

4 Charlotte Watson, School Business Manager (SEN Eco-classroom customer)


5 Barbara Neville, Headteacher (Eco-classroom customer)

 “Very good.”

4 Jill Alcorn, Business Manager (Chapel customer)

‘Working with TG Escapes was a very good experience.’

5 Louise Prodromou, School Business Manager, The Raglan Schools (Eco-Nursery customer)

“The buildings blend into the surroundings and are well used and loved by the pupils and staff alike.”

4 Michael Westwick, Facilities Manager (Eco-classroom customer)


5 Bev Carter, Senior Finance Officer (Music Studio customer)

“The boys love the bright and airy classrooms and very much enjoyed the air conditioning during the summer months. The covered deck is also a great feature as it promotes free flow between classrooms.”

4 Sam Patel, Director of School Development (Eco-classroom block customer)

“A very well managed and collaborative project.”

5 Kiran Hingorani, Principal (Performing Arts Studio customer)

“A wonderful learning space.”

5 Sam King, Headteacher (Eco-Classroom customer)

“From design and planning through to construction TG escapes were fantastic to deal with.”

5 Andy Gibbons, Facilities Manager (SEN Eco-Classroom customer)

“A very nice space to learn in.”

4 Nik Marshall, Site Manager (Eco-Classrooms customer)

“Our pupils feel valued and like the roominess and light”

5 David Duncan, Headteacher (Eco-building customer)

‘The team involved in creating our classroom were very good’

4 John Robson, Properties Manager (Eco-Classroom customer)

“From concept to completion everyone has been very helpful and a pleasure to work with.”

5 Bev Stearn, Business Manager (Eco-Classroom customer)

“Comfortable. Adaptable. Aesthetically pleasing.”

4 Nic Maxwell, Headteacher (Music Studio customer)

“The whole team has been amazing from sales to completion.”

5 Debbie Hawkins, SBM (Music Studio customer)

“An amazing building that supports teaching and learning.”

4 Kathy Haig, School Business Manager (Eco-Classroom customer)

“Excellent. The whole process was worry free.”

5 Rupert Madeley, Headteacher (Eco-Classroom customer)

“All the workmen were friendly and helpful and worked really hard to get the work done on time and to a high standard.”

5 Ms. Barnett, School Business Manager (Eco-Classroom customer)

“I found everyone I spoke to was really helpful and seemed determined to make our project work.  They were also happy to work within our very tight budget so I really felt we were getting value for money.”

5 Jacky Halton, Headteacher (Eco-Classroom customer)

“The children, parents and staff love it. The space is light and airy and the children are thoroughly enjoying it. The staff feel like they are on holiday!”

5 Ruth Pimentel (Eco-Nursery customer)

“Excellent. The planning application was organised by TG Escapes and all of the agreed dates and costs met.”

5 Robert Kay, Director of Estates and Facilities (Music Studio customer)

“A designated Out of School Club  area has generated a real excitement in our school age children - especially the idea of sitting on the veranda to have tea!”

5 Fiona Day, Director (Eco-Nursery customer)

“Good communication and customer service”

4 Corinne Wilkes, School Business Manager (Eco-classroom customer)

“Being a stand-alone building, there is always that bit of excitement from children when taken into the classroom.”

4 Michael Lovell, Site Manager (Eco-classroom customer)

“Beautiful buildings that suited the natural surroundings,”

5 Stacey Coleman, Headteacher (Eco-classroom customer)

"Now every one of our students can fully participate in the outdoor curriculum."

5 Judith Leadbeater (Eco-Classroom for SEN customer)

“Very positive impact on staff wellbeing.”

5 Julie Mickleburgh, Head Teacher (Staff Room customer)

“We had great support and assistance from Andrew Ireland during the two years that it took us to secure the funding for the project and from Karl Stokes while the project was on site.”

4 Flis Plent, Head of Education (Eco-Classroom customer)

“Both children and staff love learning and working in the building due to the amount of natural light and space. Free flow access to a covered deck is a huge advantage so that outdoor learning can take place in all weathers.”

5 Sam Patel, Director of School Development (Eco-Nursery customer)

“You are in effect getting a permanent building for half the cost of bricks and mortar. We were intrigued by TG Escapes' different approach to learning environments and after visiting their other projects we were blown away.”

5 Lee Alexander, Head of Finance (Eco-classroom block customer)

"I was drawn by the design, craftsmanship and structural integrity of the building."

4 Andy Daniels Senior Facilities Manager (Modular Classroom customer)

“It’s such a calming environment and I have noticed that the students are much calmer and more engaged. They like the structure of the room: low stimulus really works for our Autistic learners.”

5 Jolene Roberts, Marketing Officer and Marie Nicastro, Music Teacher (Eco-Classroom for SEN provision customer)

“The training facility is stunning. It fits in perfectly with our conservation area, looking out onto our playing fields which are surrounded by mature trees.”

5 Paul Madia, Head of School (Eco Teacher Training Centre customer)

“The site manager kept the school well informed about every step that was taken and ensured that disruption was kept to a minimum.”

5 Rachel Lane, Headteacher (Eco-Classroom customer)

“The new room was up and running incredibly quickly.”

5 Simon Dix, Headteacher (SEN Eco-Classroom customer)

“Our youngest children now have a beautiful, clean environment. An excellent experience as The Learning Escape took care of everything.”

5 Annick Reese, Finance and Premises Manager (Eco-Nursery customer)

“The space is really light and airy, quiet and peaceful. It feels a real luxury to use rooms that are spacious but not echoey, bright and light but without glaring sunlight.”

4 Tim Ling, IT and Data Manager (Double storey modular classroom block customer)

“ It gives the children exciting learning opportunities in a different space which connects with the outdoors.”

5 Briony Jones, Headteacher (Eco-Classroom customer)

"We really liked the design and structure of the building."

4 Robert Lakin (Eco-classroom customer)

“Brilliant new inside and outside classrooms.”

5 Kirsten Knight, Head of Pre-prep (Eco-Nursery customer)

“A smooth operation from start to finish, with expert advice on hand at all times.”

5 Lindsey Moran - Bursar (Eco teacher training room customer)

"The Learning Escape offered an exceptionally high quality building that fits beautifully within our outside setting, and had the added advantage of being quick and easy to install."

5 Fiona Abbot, Academy Business Manager (Eco-Classroom customer)

“We have a beautiful, multi-purpose room which has just blended into our environment.”

5 Christine McCrone, Headteacher (Community Eco-room customer)

The whole experience was excellent: no hesitation in awarding the team 5 stars.

5 Wendy Zaidi - Headteacher (Eco-classroom and library customer)

"Excellent all the way, the guys on site were brilliant, helpful and even turned up from Coventry in the snow to carry on working."

5 Maureen Smith - Business Manager (Outdoor Room customer)

“A highly professional service and great customer care provided by a receptive site manager.”

5 Susan Roberts – School Business Manager (Eco-Classroom customer)

“Our new room has given a total uplift and more professional feel to our adult workforce who now feel valued and nurtured”

5 Maureen Buckby - Headteacher (Learning Escape Staff Room customer)

"The professional attitude from all we have dealt with has been exceptional." 

5 Mark Thrower – Head Teacher (Eco-Classroom customer)


5 Helen Garrett - School Business Manager (Eco-Classroom customer)

" Good organisation to work with - very responsive and worked really hard to keep to what was a very tight timetable, delivering the build in a very short time"

5 Jeremy Harwood - Headteacher (Eco-Classroom customer)

"It was a really positive experience. The children were able to play outside throughout the project. Thank you for making it pain free. All I had to do was sign the cheques!"

5 Nikki Smith, Head Teacher (Eco-Classroom customer)

“Our eco classroom has helped us bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor learning and is a base for Environmental Citizenship lessons.” 

5 Sarah Walker - School Secretary (Eco-Classroom customer)

“It’s a very comfortable and flexible space, with superb light throughout the building”

5 Sue Bladen, Business Manager, Pitmaston Primary School (Eco-Classroom customer)

"Very professional."

5 Marlene Garfoot, Bursar (Eco-classroom customer)

"We have seen a big improvement in their behaviour and they are much calmer, something that we think may be due to the natural light they have which was not available in the previous room."

5 Alison Price, Headteacher (Nursery Classroom customer)

“The Learning Escape were very efficient and accommodating, the team fitted into the school perfectly and the children loved watching the builders work on the new project.”

4 Andrew Simpson, Chartered Building Surveyor (Early Years classroom customer)

"The team at The Learning Escape showed us that a tight budget doesn’t mean that you can’t create a fantastic building. It’s clear that they have years of experience delivering a full service, we didn’t even need to worry about the paperwork."

5 John Abrahams, Assistant Head (Eco-classroom Art Block customer)

"Our new Learning Escape has given us the opportunity to bring the outdoors and indoors together in an inspiring, natural space." 

5 Headteacher (Outdoor Classroom customer)

 “ Our eco-classroom is flexible and inspiring, the perfect escape.” 

5 Mrs Wendy Hull, Headteacher (School Building customer)

“The children love working in the new outdoor classroom and it has made them inspired and motivated.”

5 David Appleby, Site Manager (School building customer)

"Our Learning Escape is able to function independently from our school building and has become a true community project."

5 Sophia Ioannou (School building customer)

"The eco-friendly features of the design have made the building extra special and we know it’s truly unique."

5 Andy Mullahy, Business Manager (School building customer)

“Whitehill Primary School is quite a traditional and old-fashioned building so our new Learning Escape has given it a new, modern twist. The outdoor room is a great representative of the future and what we’re working towards as a school.”

5 Headteacher Jane Porter (School building customer)

"Our outdoor classroom has created stimulating role-play environments that have supported learning across a number of skills."

5 Headteacher Julie Mowbray (School building customer)

"The clever features of the building have greatly reduced our energy bills and are easy to take care of."

5 (School building customer)

“The building is not only practical and comfortable; it also looks good and has been designed to be in keeping with the rest of the school.”

5 Business Manager Sharron Goddard (School building customer)

"It’s away from the main school building, so they don't get easily distracted, and it’s seen as exciting and different which makes them more willing to concentrate."

5 Headteacher Rachel Kluczynski (School building customer)

"It's just a really lovely way to inspire the children in their learning."

5 Fiona Wood, Teacher (Outdoor Classroom customer)

“ The children find the external views and connection with the environment to be genuinely inspirational.”

5 Principal Mrs Chalmers says (School building customer)

"The children are inspired by working in the outdoors and we've seen a great improvement in their creativity."

5 Marianne Baker, Headteacher (School building customer)

"The eco-friendly building has encouraged even our youngest children to be more aware of their environment and the importance of looking after it."

5 Molly Ball, Pre-School Chairman (Early Years building customer)

“The wet-play area is a really unique concept, the children love it and it is so safe.”

5 (Early Years building customer)

“The big windows let so much sunshine into the building and the natural light gives them an extra energy boost.”

5 Verity Kenyon – Headteacher (School building customer)

"The eco-friendly design is fantastic for our pupils and the environment, the perfect space for our school and the community."

5 (School building customer)

"From a teachers perspective, I love this cabin."

5 Gwen Thomas, Headteacher (School building customer)

"I am absolutely delighted with the project and the craftsmanship, the technical expertise and the all round quality of the finish is excellent. I recommend The Learning Escape to any school and the whole experience has just been so positive."

5 Isobel Gaffney, Head Teacher (School building customer)

"The children are fascinated with the pools of light from the sun pipes and have appreciated the beautiful views across the fields through the seasons."

5 Sue Dubois, Head teacher (School building customer)

"No Problems"

4 Nikki Elliott, School Business Manager (Eco-classroom customer)