SEN Classrooms

SEN classroom

Cognitive experts point toward effective classroom design as a crucial element in learning. The Learning Escape can produce a purpose built ‘High’ needs, special education (SEN) classroom, specific to your requirements.

Learning Escapes offer the perfect environment for providing a bright, eco-friendly space as a contemporary solution to overcrowded schools. Our highly insulated, beautifully designed modular classrooms combine innovative design with up to the minute technology for that ultimate learning space. Each design is bespoke to your requirements and we pride ourselves in providing an all-inclusive turnkey design, fabrication, and project-managed installation.

The Learning Escapes eco-classrooms are sensitively designed for all year round use, low impact, and low maintenance, with complete safety manifestation and regulation compliance. Special needs vary as do classroom requirements. We have put together some key information about classroom size in this article; How big should a SEND classroom be?

‘Inclusive’ design, with attractive accessible school buildings, can empower children and young people with SEN and disabilities.

Sensory awareness – the environment can have a significant impact on access. It means thinking carefully about acoustics, visual contrast, levels of stimuli and the use of colour, light, sound, and texture.

Sustainability – high quality sustainable design is crucial. It can affect social cohesion, ensure value for money and minimise the environmental impact of a school development.

Designing uplifting school spaces that are fully accessible for disabled children and those with SEN is an essential part of this community focus and fundamental to 21st century schools.

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A stand-alone SEN ‘Learning Escape’ holds dear to many of the staff as a place to serve the specific needs of pupils, whilst keeping them integrated in wider social activity. The room is a multipurpose home base for high needs students and also serves as a quiet empathetic common room for interaction with other students.

The fundamental requirement for this space is to be a multipurpose learning room that caters for a range of high needs education, remedial and extra-needs learning.

The escape is a facility with its own independence, yet with strong link to the rest of the school. It can accommodate various learning methods and can be characterised as a place for intimate learning – academically and socially.

The SEN classroom serves as a primary learning base for those of high needs. It provides an environment in which the pupils feel personal comfort, security and belonging – a place of familiarity in which learning occurs.

The modular classroom is a detached facility, a flexible open plan layout. Placement of furniture defines areas whilst maintaining constant internal flow.

The planning uses a strategy to ensure a variety of spaces and ensure clear lines of sight through the building. Each area is arranged with its own internal orientation and exterior relationship to reflect different pedagogical activities. It is important that the activities taking place in each area do not impinge on each other.

This reaffirms the SEN classroom as neither an excluded nor exclusive facility, but rather a necessary alternative learning centre within the school. The inclusion of this building thus embodies the general principles of intermediate education, which is to stimulate social skills, practical skills and aid intellectual development.

Each construction is very specific to the schools needs; the classroom is designed for low environmental impact on the site. Focused learning centres can encourage students at all academic skill levels to interact socially and work together. Our designs can incorporate sensory learning spaces and work stations

Our eco-classroom designs allow special needs children to learn at their own developmental stage. They also encourage all students to work together, help each other, and enhance their academic abilities in preparation for the tougher learning requirements to come.