Performing Arts Studio at Swalcliffe Park School in Oxfordshire - Video

Swalcliffe Park provides both day and residential care for boys with autism. It’s core educational focus is upon developing the boys’ ability to communicate and self-manage and ultimately to achievement an independence. The school felt that it lacked the facilities to encourage the boys’ creativity in the performing arts, and so decided to reclaim an underutilised area in the extensive grounds to create a learning space dedicated to music, dance and drama. In the six or so months that the facility has been in operation, staff have been amazed how it has transformed the school and what the boys are getting out of it.

Q1 Why did you want to develop a separate learning space?

We wanted to develop our students’ talents in the expressive arts of music, dance and drama.

Q2 What made The Learning Escape stand out from the other providers?

The quality of the building and confidence in the team to work well with the school.

Q3 What are the biggest benefits you’ve noticed for the pupils and your school/setting/college?

The building itself fits really well into its natural surroundings and, in its own unique way, looks as stunning as the main school building, a beautiful Victorian manor house. The boys love having their own dedicated space to enjoy their activities and make as much noise as they want!

Q4 How did you find working with TG Escapes overall?

A very well managed and collaborative project.

Swalcliffe Park School Performing Arts studio by TG EScapes Crop.jpg

“A very well managed and collaborative project.”

5 Kiran Hingorani, Principal (Performing Arts Studio customer)