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If you are looking for bespoke garden rooms, we can help. Whether you want to create a stunning office space or a personalised gym, we can bring your vision to life.

Our expert team has been creating inspiring bespoke garden rooms designed by our partner Metropolis Atrchitecture with specifications of the highest standard for over ten years. We provide a complete service backed up by top quality aftercare and a ten year guarantee.

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  • Bathrooms and washrooms
  • Design and architecture
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  • Ground preparation
  • Painting and decorating
  • Foundations
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Angela's Gym

"...their sheer efficiency was wonderful. The build process was very easy. The two guys worked for a week and it was as if they weren’t here. Very impressive."

Angela Dehadray (read her garden room case study) 5

The build process

Every aspect of our service is carried out by our own team of craftsmen. We don’t outsource any of our contracts. Our team combine craftsmanship and technical ability with excellent people skills and we manage everything with a friendly and respectful approach, ensuring that your experience is enjoyable and rewarding.




Build Team


Finish and Aftercare

Pain-free planning permission

It’s often reported that planning isn’t required for this type of structure but this approach comes with its own issues. Guidelines for bespoke garden buildings are subject to exceptions that can take you by surprise, you will likely need to compromise on the height and size of your building and it can be difficult to convince neighbours and potential buyers that your development is permitted.

We take care of the whole process of gaining planning permission for your project for no additional fee.

After more than 400 successful planning applications we know how to shepherd your unique vision through the planning process without fuss and delay.


Looking after our environment is always at the top of our priorities.

Our mission is to dramatically improve the normal construction method by creating ecological, healthy and sustainable bespoke garden buildings. We pride ourselves in using the latest developments in technology to help reduce the impact on our fragile planet.

We aim to be eco-friendly from bottom to top - from the minimal use of concrete in our foundations to living roofs; from sustainably sourced cedar walls to insulation made from 80%-recycled glass.

We're always happy to talk about how wind and solar power can be integrated into your building to provide clean energy and we're offsetting our own CO2 emissions with Climate Care.

Modern buildings built to the highest standards

CIBSEPart POur unique garden rooms are an innovative way to bring the outdoors into your life. Beneath their beautiful aesthetics our buildings are modern eco-friendly structures that include efficient heating, brilliant natural light, plumbing and electricity fitted to the latest standards and fast internet connections.


Our buildings are created using a framework of the latest super-strong Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs).

The beautiful Canadian Red Western Cedar we use in our buildings is sourced from sustainable forests (FSC and PEFC certified) and is used in its natural state free from toxic treatments.

Our unique combination of intelligent and site specific design, high insulation values and high-performance energy saving technologies ensure that our buildings earn a 'A' rating if and when they need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Doors and Windows

Our garden rooms' windows and doors are constructed from draught-sealed iroko hardwood that is sourced from sustainable forests (FSC and PEFC certified) and treated with an highly durable protective coat.

Our buildings are double glazed with 24mm sealed window units from our specialist manufacturer. Where appropriate we fit toughened glass (BS6206) and use manifestation to limit the incidence of collision.

External doors have a low threshold and are fitted with a key lock, an internal thumb turn for an easy exit and hinge protection to prevent finger trapping.


Our standard roof features a high performance, waterproof, breathable membrane insulated with 80% recycled mineral wool.

Where noise is a concern acoustic ceiling tiles can easily be added to the construction.

We also offer a variety of attractive and eco-friendly living roof options, including our popular sedum roof.

A Sedum roof is not only aesthetically pleasing all year round but also provides a habitat for a rich variety of wildlife, reduces rainwater runoff and lowers the building's energy consumption.


We offer a range of high-quality heating options including wall-mounted Low Surface Temperature (LST) electric heaters, LPG bottled gas heaters and remote controlled AA-rated air-source heat pumps.

The insulation in our buildings uses up to 80% recycled post-consumer glass (glass that would otherwise have gone to landfill).

Hot water is provided by on-demand hot water units that offer instant hot water and low energy demands.

We often include wind and solar power into our builds as a clean renewable source of energy.


Internal lighting is provided by recessed ceiling lights and low energy down-lighters (with optional smart control). External decked areas are lit by ultra-low watt LED soffit lights.

Emergency lighting (BS5266) is also fitted as required

Customers who prefer natural light can include sun pipes in their design. Sun pipes capture daylight from the rooftop and pass it through highly reflective tubing to provide brilliant natural light wherever it’s needed.


Our innovative foundations have been designed to reduce their impact on the environment by using a minimal amount of concrete.

Our garden buildings are built on top of either a helical steel screw pile system or a series of unique, re-enforced concrete pads.

Both systems create a well ventilated space underneath your garden building and ensure that it has no direct contact with the ground.

Example pricing based on standard sizes

Every Garden Escape project is different but to make our pricing as easy to understand as possible we start with a set of standard sizes. You can also download our full price list and size matrix.

  • 8.1m2 (external dimensions 2.7m x 3.3m) from £17,800

  • 19m2 (external dimensions 2.9m x 5.6m) from £26,100

  • 29.9m2 (external dimensions 3.9m x 8.6m) from £34,200

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