26th Feb
The Garden Escape
Could a Garden Escape have been good for the heart during half term?
Healthy children

We are nearing the end of National Heart Month, designed to raise awareness of heart disease, its causes and its prevention. Along with poor diet and lack of exercise, one of the primary contributory factors is raised blood pressure. And one of the main culprits tempting our blood pressure to stray into elevated territory, is stress. So, with that in mind, how would you say your family’s half term break turned out? Was it a serene and joyful time in which the family bonded together whilst partaking of healthy outdoors activities and well balanced meals? Or was it an endless round of bickering bouts, failed efforts to limit screen time and copious, boredom induced comfort snacking?

16th Feb
The Learning Escape
Conferences Coming Up
Upcoming events

Matt is getting ready for a couple of conferences once half term is over, beginning with SBM Leaders Live 2015 on Tuesday 24th February at the Wembley Hilton in London. 

11th Feb
The Garden Escape
Beat the Energy Suppliers with an efficient Garden Room
Sun pipe by The Garden Escape

The world oil price has plummeted by more than 50% since last June and wholesale costs to energy suppliers have been slashed. During the years of rising oil prices and costs, retail energy prices were very quick to respond, but are proving woefully sticky on the downtrend as energy retailers drag their heels and boost their profit margins. 

04th Feb
The Learning Escape
Mobilize Your Environmental Citizens This Go Green Week
Go green week

The week commencing 9th February 2015, marks People and Planet’s annual, national week of climate action in schools, colleges and universities. People and Planet are Britain’s largest student network which, via a series of campaigns, aims to engage and empower young people to take positive action for social and environmental justice. Go Green Week is intended to encourage students to organise activities that raise awareness in their communities of climate change, and to demand that we all take stronger action to tackle the situation.

30th Jan
The Garden Escape
Getting Ready for Spring in the Garden
Mowing the lawn

February is nearly upon us and we are, no doubt, due for a few more bouts of winter weather yet awhile, with much of the country bracing itself for a snowy spell over the next few days. However, day by day, dawn is rising ever earlier and dusk descending a little later. Daylight hours are on the up and if you brave the elements and take a stroll around your garden, you will find that nature’s pioneers are already leading the way into spring.