Case Study

Twin Garden Offices in Haslemere

Building type: Offices
Project price: £51,000
Completion date: 2004

The Quinns in Haslemere can work side-by-side in their His and Hers Garden Escapes.

With two Garden Escapes landscaping the slope at the back of their house, the Quinns now have space to work and play.

Why did you want to develop a Garden Escape?

In 2009 Mr. Quinn decided to change careers and follow a life-long dream to become a photographer. Working from home can be difficult at times and we really wanted a space so that he could separate work life from home life. The Garden Escape was the perfect solution, it’s a very modern version of the garden shed! It made such a difference to his work life that we decided to build another for Mrs. Quinn’s work as a Renovation Project Manager.

What were the key elements that made The Garden Escape stand out from the other providers?

We were worried that it would be difficult to build on the big slope at the back of our house but the team at The Garden Escape were very inventive. The builds are unique to our lifestyle, our garden and us. They’re a mirror image of each other and provide the perfect environment to work in, away from the house. The Garden Escape knew how to make the most of the space we had available while ensuring that the build was eco-friendly and looked good amongst its surroundings.

What are the biggest benefits you’ve noticed from your Garden Escape?

Since building our Garden Escapes our work life has become so much more productive. We have spaces that are separate to the house and each other. They are light and airy and it’s easy to have a quick break in the fresh air. With washrooms in each one we can both escape for hours and just concentrate on our work. Our second Garden Escape also acts as a space for our eldest daughter to stay in when she visits, she loves the view from her bed.

"Since building our Garden Escapes our work life has become so much more productive."
Mr Quinn
Garden Office customer