The Garden Escape Testimonials

“The studio has given me a really pleasant place to escape to and paint without interruption or the need to clear up at the end of each session!”

5 Brian Wood (Garden Studio customer)

“Helpful, friendly staff and the builders were excellent.”

4 Laura Coughtrie (Garden Gym customer)

“Very good”

5 Bianca Foley (Multi-use Garden Room customer)

“Everyone we dealt with was great, from the sales guy to the men who handled the build.”

5 Gemma McGough (Multi-use Garden Room customer)

“We specifically liked the very contemporary, slick style of the building”

5 Sara Hair (Garden Room customer)

“We were impressed with the solid construction, finish, adaptability and simple lines.”

4 Val Dawson (Garden Annexe customer)

“A breath of fresh air.”

5 Richard Purvis (Garden Gym customer)

“Great recommendations.”

5 Anne McArthur (Garden Room customer)

“The space is fantastic!”

4 Rebecca Dunn (Garden Studio customer)

“The product looked well designed, robust and beautiful to look at. The price seemed cost effective.”

4 Jeanette Cowley (Garden Office customer)

“Very professional and trustworthy.”

5 Jon Welch (Garden office and gym customer)

“We looked at companies offering top quality products and others that promised a really good service: The Garden Escape was the only one to offer both of these things.”

5 Richard Simmonds (Garden Office and cycle training room customer)

“They took care of everything from design and planning permission to getting the last bit of paint on the wall.”

4 Deborah Bardsley (Garden Studio customer)

“A great place to work”

5 John Desmond (Garden Office customer)

"We had used the Garden Escape before and were very impressed by them. On both occasions the team were great."

5 Donna Michaelson (Garden Annexe customer)

“It was impossible to work in a house with two young children. I can now take myself to my office and work in peace and quiet.”

5 Paul Goldsack (Garden Office customer)

"Developing our outdoor space with The Garden Escape was completely stress free."

5 Mrs Withey (Garden Room customer)

The whole team were absolutely brilliant from start to finish

5 Keith Peacock (Garden consulting room customer)

"Very good. The whole thing had to be handled remotely which worked well."

5 Justin Watts (Garden Gym customer)

It was clear that they were experts and knew how to overcome any obstacle. 

5 Gregory Banner (family room customer)

The experience and the end product deserve a 5 star rating.

5 Ric Casale (Garden Gym customer)

"Working with The Garden Escape was a personal and comfortable experience. The team helped us create the perfect garden room for our family home. I would recommend them to anyone."

5 Juliet Booth (Garden Room customer)

“The outdoor studio is inspiring, intimate and motivating, it has given my home yoga business a big boost.”

5 Catherine Adams (Garden Studio customer)

“The main thing that I would like to say about The Garden Escape is that their sheer efficiency was wonderful. The build process was very easy. The two guys worked for a week and it was as if they weren’t here. Very impressive.”

5 Angela (garden gym customer)

”Now we don’t need to go traipsing to the nearest busy gym, we can simply step out into our beautiful garden and enjoy exercising at home."

5 Mr Odunsi (Garden gym customer)

"The Garden Escape really understand what a great studio needs."

5 Susan Wadsworth (Garden studio customer)

“Our Garden Escape is the perfect fit. It makes the most of our spectacular views and looks as if it was meant to be there.”

5 Annette Dampier (Garden studio customer)

The natural materials used on the build really help the Garden Escape blend in with the surroundings, it enhances the environment and looks fantastic from all angles.

4 Mr Coward (Garden room customer)

"My Garden Escape is completely unique to me and it’s good to know that the build is eco-friendly."

5 Mr Campbell-Harris (Garden gym customer)

“My Garden Escape is a little bit of luxury where I can curl up and feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere. It’s practical, eco-friendly and great fun.”

5 Caron Shelley (Garden room customer)

"Since building our Garden Escapes our work life has become so much more productive."

5 Mr Quinn (Garden office customer)