Ranges and Prices

Every garden building is a bespoke design with it’s own unique features. You can filter by building type or price range.

What will your building be used for?

Garden Studio in Wales

A secluded studio with amazing Welsh views.

Price: £40k to £50k

Completion date: 2019

Garden Office and cycle training room in London

Richard wanted a room to dedicate to his cycling equipment and to use as a workspace.


Completion date: 2015

cycle training room

Garden Gym in Surrey – Video

Angela's Family can enjoy a workout in their Garden Gym within the natural surroundings of their garden

Price: £30k to £40k

Completion date: 2012

Garden Gym by The Garden Escape

Garden office and gym

Paul required a new garden room as an office and gym so he could work and exercise without impacting on the his young children's routines.

Price: £30k to £40k

Completion date: 2014

Garden office eco building

Yoga Studio, Notting Hill – Video

Catherine Adams, a Yoga Teacher in London, wanted to create a unique space where she could grow her home yoga business. She chose to develop an outdoor studio where her clients could enjoy privacy and a peaceful setting.

Price: £30k to £40k

Completion date: 2012

Yoga studio by TG Escapes

Garden Art Studio

Annette Dampier wanted to develop a Garden Escape where she and her husband could relax, paint and enjoy the spectacular views from their garden.

Price: £40k to £50k

Completion date: 2012

Eco Garden Artists Studio by The Garden Escape

Multi-use Garden Annexe in Twickenham

The Foleys wanted a flexible space in their garden.

Price: £40k to £50k

Completion date: 2017

Garden Studio in Cambridge

"Other companies offered specific designs but we liked the versatility of the Garden Escape’s buildings and the fact that ours would be custom built to satisfy all our requirements."

Price: £60k plus

Completion date: 2014

Garden Studio by TG Escapes

Your dream Garden Escape

Our mission is to dramatically improve the normal construction method by creating ecological, healthy and sustainable bespoke garden buildings. We provide a complete service backed up by top quality aftercare and a ten year guarantee. Are you ready to plan your garden room?