Garden Offices

7.00m x 3.40m Garden Office in Surrey for around £35,800
Built in February 2014 this Contemporary style building includes shower room and bi-fold doors to open up fully at the front.
5.00m x 3.30m Garden Office in Dorset for around £23,000
Built in June 2011 this Contemporary style building includes glazing return to two sides with blinds to create a quiet space to work from home.
4.00m x 4.00m Garden Office in Leicestershire for around £23,000
Built in September 2005 this Cube style building includes floor to ceiling glazing on two sides
3.90m x 5.60m Garden Office in Surrey for around £26,000
Built in April 2008 this Contemporary style building includes with shower and wc, and hardwood decking on a steep terrace.
8.00m x 3.00m Garden Office in Hampshire for around £27,000
Built in June 2011 this Cube style building includes Sliding folding aluminium doors, a separate office store and under floor heating. Planning was successful despite the challenging position at the front of the house.
5.60m x 2.70m Garden Office in Greater London for around £17,000
Built in February 2006 this Contemporary style building includes a large deck area, a washroom and shower. The room was extended with a second build 2 years later.
5.90m x 3.00m Garden Office in Greater London for around £27,000
Built in September 2014 this Contemporary style building includes wooden slats and sedum roof.

A distraction-free place to work

Although there are many attractions to working from home finding a space that's free from distractions can be a challenge. Clearing a space on the dining table or sharing a computer desk with the rest of the family can make separating work from home difficult. A Garden Office is an innovative and creative way to enjoy the modern world of flexible working.

"Since building our garden offices our work life has become so much more productive."

Mr. Quinn

Read the Quinn's garden office case study

Inspiring spaces increase productivity

A Garden Office from The Garden Escape doesn’t mean a posh shed or an overpriced wooden box, it means an inspirational and tranquil environment away from the distractions of home life and the busy chaos of the commuting world. Even if you’re just a short walk down the garden path away from home, the separation can help you focus and improve your productivity.


Our Garden Offices are durable and secure and are protected with high security 5 lever locks with 3 point fixing.

A range of security alarms can be fitted and installed as either stand-alone devices or extensions to your house alarm. External lights can be fitted with PIR sensors or remote control for added peace of mind.

Windows and doors are constructed from either aluminium or draught-sealed Iroko hardwood and are double glazed with 24mm sealed units with toughened glass (BS6206) fitted to all full height panels.


Our buildings are created using a framework of the latest super-strong Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs).

The beautiful Canadian Red Western Cedar we use in our buildings is sourced from sustainable forests (FSC and PEFC certified) and is used in its natural state free from toxic treatments.

Our offices are built on top of either a helical steel screw pile system or a series of unique, re-enforced concrete pads. Both systems create a well ventilated space underneath your building and ensure that it has no direct contact with the ground..

Energy efficiency

Our unique combination of intelligent and site specific design, high insulation values and high-performance energy saving technologies ensure an 'A' rating if your office needs an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Recessed ceiling lights, low energy down-lighters, sun pipes and ultra-low watt LED soffit lights are used to deliver all the light you need as efficiently as possible.

Hot water is provided by on-demand hot water units that offer instant hot water and low energy demands.

Year-round comfort

A comfortable working environment is important whatever the weather.

We offer a range of high-quality heating and air-conditioning options including remote controlled AA-rated air-source heat pumps, wall-mounted Low Surface Temperature (LST) electric heaters, LPG bottled gas heaters and efficient radiant heating panels.

Unwanted noise is easily controlled by adding acoustic ceiling tiles to the construction.

As your business grows, so can your office

As your business grows and you need more space for more people, your Garden Office can easily expand with you. Our modular panel construction and pile foundation system makes expanding your office a straightforward affair. This means that your business can invest in just the right amount of space as and when it is needed.

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