Case Study

Garden Gym for a Personal Trainer

Building type: Gyms
Project price: £32,000
Completion date: 2010

Thanks to his Garden Escape, Mr. Campbell-Harris can now work and workout at home.

As a personal trainer, Mr. Campbell-Harris wanted a Garden Escape where he could combine work and pleasure within the grounds of his home.

Why did you want to develop a Garden Escape?

Renting a space to work as a personal trainer can be expensive but developing a Garden Escape gave me the chance to build my own space at home. The building is completely kitted out with all the latest equipment so now clients can come to me and train in a really nice environment. When I’m not working I can do my daily exercises at home without having to queue for any of the machines!

What were the key elements that made The Garden Escape stand out from the other providers?

The Garden Escape were keen to create a bespoke building that fitted all of my specifications. The team included my ideas and had plenty of their own, they wanted to make sure that I was happy and that the environment was too. My Garden Escape is completely unique to me and it’s good to know that the build is eco-friendly. Now I can’t imagine doing my personal training anywhere else.

What are the biggest benefits you’ve noticed from your Garden Escape?

It’s fantastic to save the money on renting space in the gym. Having my own personal training space, especially one in such nice surroundings, is really appealing to new clients. They love having the privacy of their own space to train in, they’ve said they feel like they’re getting a much more one-to-one training session. The Garden Escape also built me an outdoor entertainment area. This means after a long day working out I can invite my friends over and undo all the hard work with a huge barbeque!

"My Garden Escape is completely unique to me and it’s good to know that the build is eco-friendly."
Mr Campbell-Harris
Garden Gym customer