Case Study

Garden Guest Room in Herefordshire

Building type: Annexes
Project price: £30,000
Completion date: 2011

Caron Shelley, overlooking the beautiful Wye Valley in Symonds Yat, wanted a Garden Escape to relax in.

Caron’s Garden Escape was the perfect solution to make the space for visitors and to sit back and enjoy the view.

Why did you want to develop a Garden Escape?

We love having people over to stay but we were always struggling to find the space. With no room in the house we almost had to put any visitors in tents in the garden. That’s when I thought about Garden Escapes. It was the perfect way to make the extra space and to take advantage of the lovely view we have.  I’ve got friends queuing up to stay at our house now!

What were the key elements that made Garden Escapes stand out from the other providers?

The team at Garden Escapes was so enthusiastic about the build; they came up with some fantastic ideas and went out of their way to include mine. Garden Escapes do everything bespoke and I really feel as if I have a one-off piece of architecture. I’m passionate about the environment and it’s really reassuring knowing that my Garden Escape is very eco-friendly.

What are the biggest benefits you’ve noticed from your Garden Escape?

Having the extra space has been very useful. We can have friends over to stay and when it’s not being used as a spare room it’s such a nice place to just sit back and enjoy the view. The kids love it as well, they can head to the Garden Escape to play, watch TV or chill out. Anyone can escape to the garden, watch the world go by and have some peace and quiet – a novelty in our house!

“My Garden Escape is a little bit of luxury where I can curl up and feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere. It’s practical, eco-friendly and great fun.”
Caron Shelley
Garden Room customer