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20 Oct 2016

A Garden Room For All Seasons

Garden Room by The Garden Escape

A room in the garden doesn’t need to be used only as a summer house. Choosing an ecologically friendly supplier such as TG Escapes, with energy efficiency incorporated into every aspect of their buildings’ design, can give you a room to enjoy whatever the time of year, the weather or your intended use.

8 Sep 2016

5 Ways a Garden Room Can Make Summer Special

Garden Office by The Garden Escape

With summer officially over, and most kids back at school, you are probably left breathless at the speed with which it passed. A lucky few will have loved every moment of precious quality time with their families; some will have enjoyed certain high points and many of you will be breathing a huge sigh of relief that the constant weather watching is done and that the enduring (yet rarely fulfilled) expectation of a long stretch of perfect summer days is no longer a feature of our daily lives.

18 Aug 2016

Olympic Fever

Garden Gym by The Garden Escape

Team GB have come a long way in the twenty years since the Atlanta 1996 games, at which we limped into 36th place on the medals table with just one gold. The amazing team of sports men and women at Rio 2016 have so far thrilled us all, rewriting their Olympic history and currently sitting in second place with an astonishing 19 gold and silver medals and a juicy haul of 12 bronze.

1 Aug 2016

Brexiteering Staycationers

Garden Room by The Garden Escape

Whilst the Brexit strategy enters its formative weeks, it is clear that nothing much is going to happen over the summer months, which means that us Brits are probably stuck with a weak currency for the foreseeable future. It is estimated that the sudden and significant rise in the cost of holidaying abroad will lead up to 2.5 million more of us deciding to holiday at home this year. Which is not all doom and gloom, as our little island has so much to offer, much of it right on our doorsteps or just a short car ride away.

15 Jul 2016

It’s Official, British Summer Washout

Garden Room by The Garden Escape

Following hot on the heels of the wettest ever April, we have now endured a June that delivered double the average rainfall and has now been officially declared the soggiest since records began in 1910.