Case Study

Garden Art Studio

Building type: Studios
Project price: £43,000
Completion date: 2012

Annette Dampier wanted to develop a Garden Escape where she and her husband could relax, paint and enjoy the spectacular views from their garden.

Why did you want to develop a Garden Escape?

We have such fantastic views from our garden that we wanted to develop a space where we could sit and admire them. We also wanted to free up some more room in our home and create an area where I could paint with inspiring surroundings.

What were the key elements that made The Garden Escape stand out from other providers?

We were worried that the location of our Garden Escape would be slightly awkward. Our garden is on a hill and we didn’t want a high aspect that would spoil the views. The Garden Escape accepted the challenge and built us the perfect fit. The plants growing on the roof really help it blend in with the surroundings, it looks as if was meant to be there.

What are the biggest benefits you’ve noticed from your Garden Escape?

We’re currently still moving into our new outdoor room but the decking is already being used every day. Once all of the furniture is in place we can’t wait to use our Garden Escape as a place to admire the views and chill out. In the winter it’ll be a warm haven where we can enjoy our garden without getting cold. I’ve decided not to call it my ‘studio’, it takes the pressure off my work, instead it’s an extra room for our home where we can relax and I can paint when I get artistic inspiration.

Our Garden Escape is the perfect fit. It makes the most of our spectacular views and looks as if it was meant to be there.
Annette Dampier
Garden Studio Customer