Garden & Granny Annexes

Extend your home with a Garden Granny Annex or living area for your expanding family.

A garden annexe is essentially defined as a building associated with a main building, providing additional space or accommodation. It can include use as temporary, or permanent, self-contained sleeping and living accommodation as long as it is not for commercial purposes. Typically, people think of the word annexe in connection with the care of an elderly relative (typically Granny) but increasingly families are looking for ways to extend and change their home as family life evolves, without the stress and expense of moving house. A modular garden annexe is just as well suited to house the overspill from a newly blended family which suddenly finds itself with a surfeit of teenagers, or to provide a first home for a young adult struggling to get a foot on the housing ladder. Whoever the intended occupants, part of the beauty of building a Garden Escape modular annexe is the degree of separation and privacy afforded to all parties, whilst retaining a strong link to the heart of the main home. Other benefits include:


Turnkey Service Including Planning Permission and Building Regulations.

The team at the Garden Escape will handle all aspects of the project, including the planning process. We will ensure adherence to all relevant building regulations, the vast majority of which (such as sound proofing and insulation) are integral to our standard design.


Bespoke Annexe Design

A Garden Escape can be designed to fit perfectly any chosen location, both aesthetically and practically, and the interior can be fashioned to accommodate any design features you and your family desire. Whether it’s the installation of access ramps and grab rails for the elderly, or extra sound-proofing for the youngsters, the building will fulfil your own unique set of criteria.


Minimal Disruption

Not only are our garden annexe buildings easy on your neighbours’ eyes, the construction process will create considerably less mess, noise and disruption for them, and for you, than a traditional build. Our modular construction means that much of the build occurs offsite, making for a shorter, cleaner and quieter on site experience.


Environmental and Energy Efficiency

We use the very latest in environmentally friendly materials and methods to create a building that is sustainable, beautiful and comfortable. Heat reflective glazing (which can be orientated to maximize privacy and view), high insulation values and AA rated heating and cooling systems (to name but a few features) ensure that your Garden Escape will be highly energy efficient to run.



As your family evolves, our modular garden annexe buildings can easily be converted to alternative uses: today’s Granny annexe becomes tomorrows Boomerang bungalow. And when you finally decide to sell up, potential buyers will easily see the potential for a home office or garden gym adding both value and saleability to your property.

Case Studies

Garden office and gym
“It was impossible to work in a house with two young children. I can now take myself to my office and work in peace and quiet.”

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Multi-use Garden Annexe in Twickenham
“Very good”

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Garden Office and cycle training room in London
“We looked at companies offering top quality products and others that promised a really good service: The Garden Escape was the only one to offer both of these things.”

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