Case Study

Garden Annexe Family Room in Surrey

Building type: Rooms
Project price: £30,000
Completion date: 2012

The Booths in Seer Green wanted to give their growing teenagers a space where they could escape. 

We developed a garden room that the whole family could enjoy but would give the children some privacy and space to grow.

Why did you want to develop a garden room?

My husband and I have three children who are growing teenagers in need of their own space. We wanted to be able to provide them with some privacy and a room that they could call their own. By developing a garden room we felt that we could give them a space that they can make unique and could act as an escape, without leaving the family home.

What made The Garden Escape stand out from other providers?

We originally started looking at three different companies but The Garden Escape really stood out. The team travelled from Coventry to look at our space and figure out what would work best for us. They were personal and really interested in the job, we wanted to use people that we felt comfortable with and trusted. The Garden Escape also has very competitive prices.

What are the biggest benefits you’ve noticed, both for you and your family?

The garden room has given the kids their own space and they really enjoy escaping to the garden and working on making it personal and unique. Our children now have a space that they can call their own, with plenty of room to grow. The new clubhouse is a place where we can enjoy games as a family or give our teenagers some privacy. It gives us the chance to feel like we’re spending time away from the family home without leaving our back garden!

How did you find working with The Garden Escape overall?

The team at The Garden Escape was charming. The follow up service was excellent and they really wanted to make sure we were settled in nicely. There were a few changes that needed to be made to the building but the team dealt with them efficiently and quickly as to affect our schedule as little as possible.

"Working with The Garden Escape was a personal and comfortable experience. The team helped us create the perfect garden room for our family home. I would recommend them to anyone."
Juliet Booth