Case Study

Eco Garden Gym

Building type: Gyms
Project price: £33,000
Completion date: 2013

1.       Why did you want to develop a garden room?

I have always enjoyed exercising but my busy lifestyle increasingly makes it difficult to fit in regular visits to my local commercial gym. Before I moved, I had already enjoyed a Garden Escape recreational room in which to relax and enjoy my beautiful garden and thought why not give myself a healthy, active garden retreat. It is moments away from my back doorstep and so exercise can be slotted in whenever I get the opportunity or urge.

2.       What made The Garden Escape stand out from the other providers?

As I’ve mentioned, this is my second Garden Escape so I knew first-hand the quality of the materials and methods used. I really appreciate the eco-friendliness of their whole approach and the way the finished building fits so beautifully and sympathetically within its natural surroundings.

3.       What are the biggest benefits you’ve noticed, both for you and your family?

The building is totally self-contained, built specifically to my own unique requirements to an extremely high specification. It is an inspiring and beautiful place to work out and feel the stresses of modern life melt away, along with the pounds!

4.       How did you find working with The Garden Escape overall?

I already knew how quickly and efficiently the team would work from design to the finished build. However, this project had to be handled remotely, which I thought might make it a trickier proposition. I was delighted with how well they were able to communicate and manage the process.

"Very good. The whole thing had to be handled remotely which worked well."
Justin Watts