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TG Escapes customers awarded us 4.9 out of 5 based on 161 reviews
"The team at The Learning Escape showed us that a tight budget doesn’t mean that you can’t create a fantastic building. It’s clear that they have years of experience delivering a full service, we didn’t even need to worry about the paperwork."
John Abrahams
Assistant Head
Eco-classroom Art Block
The experience and the end product deserve a 5 star rating.
Ric Casale
Garden Gym customer
Garden Gym
"Working with The Garden Escape was a personal and comfortable experience. The team helped us create the perfect garden room for our family home. I would recommend them to anyone."
Juliet Booth
Garden Room
“The outdoor studio is inspiring, intimate and motivating, it has given my home yoga business a big boost.”
Catherine Adams
Garden Studio Customer
Garden Studio
"Our new Learning Escape has given us the opportunity to bring the outdoors and indoors together in an inspiring, natural space." 
Outdoor Classroom
 “ Our eco-classroom is flexible and inspiring, the perfect escape.” 
Mrs Wendy Hull
School Building
“The children love working in the new outdoor classroom and it has made them inspired and motivated.”
David Appleby
Site Manager
School building
"Our Learning Escape is able to function independently from our school building and has become a true community project."
Sophia Ioannou
School building
"The eco-friendly features of the design have made the building extra special and we know it’s truly unique."
Andy Mullahy
Business Manager
School building
“The main thing that I would like to say about The Garden Escape is that their sheer efficiency was wonderful. The build process was very easy. The two guys worked for a week and it was as if they weren’t here. Very impressive.”
garden gym
”Now we don’t need to go traipsing to the nearest busy gym, we can simply step out into our beautiful garden and enjoy exercising at home."
Mr Odunsi
Garden gym
“Whitehill Primary School is quite a traditional and old-fashioned building so our new Learning Escape has given it a new, modern twist. The outdoor room is a great representative of the future and what we’re working towards as a school.”
Headteacher Jane Porter
School building
"Our outdoor classroom has created stimulating role-play environments that have supported learning across a number of skills."
Julie Mowbray
Head teacher
Music studio
"The Garden Escape really understand what a great studio needs."
Susan Wadsworth
Garden studio
"The clever features of the building have greatly reduced our energy bills and are easy to take care of."
Loxley Primary
School building
“The building is not only practical and comfortable; it also looks good and has been designed to be in keeping with the rest of the school.”
Business Manager Sharron Goddard
Outddor classroom
"It’s away from the main school building, so they don't get easily distracted, and it’s seen as exciting and different which makes them more willing to concentrate."
Headteacher Rachel Kluczynski
School building
Our Garden Escape is the perfect fit. It makes the most of our spectacular views and looks as if it was meant to be there.
Annette Dampier
Garden Studio Customer
Garden studio
"It's just a really lovely way to inspire the children in their learning."
Fiona Wood
Outdoor Classroom
“ The children find the external views and connection with the environment to be genuinely inspirational.”
Principal Mrs Chalmers says
School building
"We like to think that this Commercial Escape is the ‘red carpet’ gateway to what has become one of London’s most exciting entertainment venues."
Barr Gazetas
VIP Escape
"The children are inspired by working in the outdoors and we've seen a great improvement in their creativity."
Marianne Baker
School building
"The eco-friendly building has encouraged even our youngest children to be more aware of their environment and the importance of looking after it."
Molly Ball
Pre-School Chairman
Early Years building
“The wet-play area is a really unique concept, the children love it and it is so safe.”
Fiona Day
Early Years building
"My Garden Escape is completely unique to me and it’s good to know that the build is eco-friendly."
Mr Campbell-Harris
Garden Gym customer
Garden gym
“The big windows let so much sunshine into the building and the natural light gives them an extra energy boost.”
Verity Kenyon – Headteacher
School building
“My Garden Escape is a little bit of luxury where I can curl up and feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere. It’s practical, eco-friendly and great fun.”
Caron Shelley
Garden Room customer
Garden room
"Since building our Garden Escapes our work life has become so much more productive."
Mr Quinn
Garden Office customer
Garden office
"The eco-friendly design is fantastic for our pupils and the environment, the perfect space for our school and the community."
School building
"From a teachers perspective, I love this cabin."
Gwen Thomas
School building