Engineering Services

For homeowners, architects and developers the length and breadth of the UK, we offer a full suite of calculation and design services. 

If you have an independent residential or commercial project then our engineering team can help to ensure that your building is buildable, robust and durable.

Our process integrates your design ideas and our engineering expertise from working on hundreds of diverse residential and commercial projects, to allow us to deliver a positive, forward-thinking design based on your requirements.

Our experience spans from single beams to significant developments and everything in between!

We will review your plans and provide valuable engineering suggestions to optimise your design solution, ensuring your project delivers the best results. We will also carefully plan the position and orientation of columns and beams, the span of floors and consider the most efficient foundation solution for you.

New Build

We reduce the possibility of future project snags and a budget that creeps up and up. Think of our service as firming up every detail for your long-awaited dream home.

Meticulous in our approach, our new build package is designed to provide self-builders & developers all that they need in their pursuit of building a dream home.

This service provides comprehensive information, alongside advice, to guide and inform builders in assessing and understanding precisely what is needed for their new build project.


Satisfying and frightening in equal measure, the process of self-building is one of conflicting emotions. Building regulations can intimidate, and threaten to overwhelm even the seasoned self-builder. 

Being highly experienced in residential projects, we fully grasp every last one of your concerns (and all of your hopes in pursuing a self-build in the first place). We’ll remove any concern of your plans not passing building regulations, and ensure that everything that you had hoped for from your new home, can be realised.


Be confident you’re making the right choice of structural engineer firm – one that has left only a trail of happy clients behind (and one that specialises solely in residential property). 

There’s no second guessing our designs, calculations or 3D visualisations – we present all that you need to provide an accurate quote and realistic timescales.

Foundations Designs 

Have faith that the highest risk area of your build is on solid ground, with cost-effective, practical foundation designs from a team that specialises in residential projects.

You could soon discover that the foundations of your build sap your budget before it feels as though it’s even begun. Our Special Foundation package is key to laying the groundwork for a project that stays firmly on track – both on time and in budget.

Our foundation design service ensures that buildability and cost are scrutinised, and innovative options are sought out – with calculations created using the very latest design software combined with a common sense-first approach.

Projects involving complicated foundations are embraced, unusual ground conditions are deeply understood, as are challenging local problems.

Our services are provided with helpful advice every step of the way. Whether you’re planning for simple strip footings for low rise buildings, or a deep piles for an inner-city mansion, our capabilities flex and fit to suit the project at hand.
This package leaves you with a detailed pack of information, 3D details and calculations – allowing your builder to understand what is required, in order to provide you with an accurate quotation.

Home Extensions

While our official job is to calculate the exact requirements and details for your extension, no calculation, drawing or sketch can truly represent what an extension actually delivers.

The extension of a bedroom can create a walk-in wardrobe or en-suite, the expansion of a kitchen can transform the way you wine and dine, while an increase in living rooms could split home and office life, beautifully. While your architect takes up the job of designing the aesthetics of these spaces, it is our job to crunch complex equations to ensure durability, safety, and satisfy the most demanding of Local Authorities (and their building regulations).

Hand-in-hand, we work with homeowners, architects and developers, specialising exclusively in residential properties – and designing for all construction materials, from the mainstream such as steelwork, timber, masonry and concrete, to more specialised building materials, such as Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) or Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).

Our home extensions package designs and details the extra space that our clients need – leading to a comprehensive pack of information ready and prepared for your chosen builder to utilise for an accurate quote.

Loft Conversions

It’s a given that the designs we produce will provide all that’s needed for a robust, safe new structure, yet it’s our focus on optimal, usable space that serves as our defining point of difference.

That lost space has sat unused and unloved for too long – space that can add value, while changing the way in which you live.

With your architectural plans in hand, we’ll create the most efficient structural solution for your expansion into the loft – reclaiming space that has served as nothing more than dark, dusty storage.

Our team are entrusted with loft extensions of all forms – from internal modification, to adding a new dormer or expanding upwards, as well as the introduction of an entirely new floor, redesigning existing layouts, and removing the roof in its entirety to be structurally redesigned.

Asides from maximising spaces, we also appreciate that it is reassurance you need, when confronting the process that is building regulation; the rules and guidelines of which have never been more stringent in terms of exactly what is expected of your loft conversion. Our plans remove the guesswork from the application process – making approval a certainty, rather than involving a worrying wait.

Our experienced residential engineers can also inspect the existing roof structure, where project complications are to be considered.

The outcome of all of which is a detailed pack of plans, information and calculations which can be passed directly to potential builders – in turn allowing them to visualise and understand precisely what is required.