The Learning Escape Range

Every Learning Escape is individually designed by our dedicated architects to make the best use of your available space. Every school, nursery or college’s needs are different so every eco-building has it’s own unique features. Here we have some examples of different sized buildings and their various uses.

Guide prices shown are for a full service including architect design, planning permissions and finished build.


Multi Purpose open plan room 30-60 m2 from 48k

Single Room Modular Classroom

A library, music room or extra class space.

Photograph shown is Dodford Primary, providing a tranquil space for their library and freeing up space within the school.

Single classroom 60-130m2 from £95k

Modular Classroom

Simple separate classroom, SEN space or staff room

Photograph shown is at St Peters Primary, providing an additional stand alone classroom.

Double classroom 130-200m2 from £200k

Double Modular Classroom

Double classroom unit including toilets and office.

Photograph shown is at Waterwells Primary Academy in Gloucester providing urgently needed extra capacity.

Multi classroom block 200-300m2 from £290k

Multi classroom block

Three classrooms, walkway and canopy with sedum living roof.

Photograph shown is from Bickley Park Prep in Bromley for early years provision.

Self contained provision 300-400m2 from £430k

Modular School Building

Self contained nursery building with three rooms and reception area.

Photograph shown is of Little Saints Nursery at St Francis School in Wiltshire.

Multi purpose block 400-800m2 from £560k

Multi-purpose modular school block

Multi purpose blocks can be designed to incorporate many types of spaces including things like sports pavillions and chapels.

Example shown is at Shotton Hall Academy school. The building provides four classrooms, teacher training space, conference room and offices.

Two storey multi purpose block 800 m2 plus from £1.1m  

Two storey modular school building

A Learning Escape can provide an alternative to a traditional building or extension. Single or double storey blocks can include classrooms, canteen and common room,  and are designed to allow for natural cross-ventilation.

Example shown is a 600 place classroom block at Woolwich Polytechnic for Boys