Case Study

Eco Building for SEN at Chichester College

Building type: Education | SEND
Project price: £440,000
Completion date: 2021

This new building at Chichester College provides a dedicated space for their SEND learners, whilst the build is finished it is part of a broader project and we can’t wait to see the garden area when it is complete.

Why did you want to develop additional space?

To allow a new space linked to the SEND garden area for our SEND students, and to allow us to decant an old building, ready for future demolition.

What made TG Escapes stand out from other providers?

I had used TG Escapes previously at Wirral met college, and I knew that I could rely on them.

What are the biggest benefits you have noticed for the pupils and staff?

The staff and students are really pleased with the new building, and it is great that it is now linked to their outside garden area as well.

"TG Escapes provide a real "turn key" solution, and take care of everything, from design to planning and final installation."
Robert Kay
Director of Estates