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16 Aug 2018

Modular Buildings Mean Safer Buildings

School Hall at St James the Great by TGEscapes

With all the varied requirements and needs for businesses and their workers within the commercial sector, it is vital that safety standards and regulations are still adhered to and met at the highest possible level. This is particularly true when constructing a new building for a business and within the finalised construction when being used.

30 Jul 2018

Why being eco is good for business

Hospital Bereavement Room

These days it can seem that being ‘eco-friendly’ is something that you aspire to be but rarely actually implement. With ever increasing concerns about our environment and rising fuel bills however, making your business eco-friendly is something that should be seriously considered to both save your business money and decrease its carbon footprint.

9 Jul 2018

The Rise of the Modular Building

St Philip Howard Catholic High School Chapel by TGEscapes

Whilst hardly a new concept, modular building projects have really seen a massive spike in popularity in recent years across all sectors in the UK. In particular, the commercial sector is looking further into modular building options to provide new office spaces and working environments for their employees that are cost effective and environmentally friendly. But why have modular buildings suddenly become so popular in the UK? 

2 Jul 2018

Unique Modular Buildings

Constructing modular buildings is by no means a modern trend. For decades modular buildings have been built right across the world for both temporary and permanent solutions in all sectors of society.

Quick to build, hassle free and versatile, it’s easy to see why in recent years the adoption of modular buildings has surged dramatically and in some unusual and innovative ways. In this article we thought we would look at some of the most unique modular building designs across the world, both old and new, and how the modular process shaped them.

12 Jun 2018

Innovative Office Design

When you’re working nine to five, seven days a week in the same space with the same people, for most of the year, it is important that the environment you and your employees work in is one which is both inspiring and comfortable.