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11 Jun 2018

The 5 Biggest Modular Buildings in the World


As modular building technology expands and becomes more popular, so too does the scope with which modular buildings can be built. Due to their rapid construction times, minimal impact on their surroundings and sustainability, in recent years modular buildings have gone a long way from being used as extensions and small-scale office blocks or apartments.

Today some of the world’s largest buildings are being, and indeed have been built, using the modular construction method and their achievement is a testament to the scalability, adaptability and durability of modul...

17 May 2018

The Benefits of Modular Buildings

Constructing new buildings through modular means is becoming increasingly popular among schools, businesses and homeowners. But why is this? In this article we’ll be looking at what makes modular buildings unique and their key benefits when compared with more traditional building techniques.


7 Aug 2017

Willen Lake Splash Park

changing rooms and kiosk at Willen Lake by TGEscapes

Whilst TG Escapes is better known for its classrooms and garden buildings, one of the distinguishing features of our architectural design template is its versatility and adaptability, allowing our buildings to be used for a myriad of purposes.

5 Sep 2014

Rosendale Allotments

Rosendale Allotments by The Commercial Escape

Last year, The Commercial Escape were delighted to be appointed by the Rosendale Allotment Association to build a long awaited community building, following their very much deserved National Lottery grant award.

3 Feb 2014

Environmentally Smart Commercial Buildings

Eco-office by The Commercial Escape

When developing our range of commercial buildings, The Commercial Escape always consider the environment and how to look after it. Our mission is to constantly and dramatically improve the construction process, using the latest technology and materials to create an ecologically healthy and sustainable building.