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5 Sep 2014

Rosendale Allotments

Rosendale Allotments by The Commercial Escape

Last year, The Commercial Escape were delighted to be appointed by the Rosendale Allotment Association to build a long awaited community building, following their very much deserved National Lottery grant award.

3 Feb 2014

Environmentally Smart Commercial Buildings

Eco-office by The Commercial Escape

When developing our range of commercial buildings, The Commercial Escape always consider the environment and how to look after it. Our mission is to constantly and dramatically improve the construction process, using the latest technology and materials to create an ecologically healthy and sustainable building.

10 May 2013

Environmental improvements can reduce stress in the workplace

As working hours get longer and expectations for fast turn-arounds increase, the number of employees that are getting stressed due to their work lifestyle is rising.

29 May 2012

5 ways to build a clutter-free office environment

It’s not just homeowners that are having trouble finding space, some offices across the country are becoming cramped and desks are becoming overcrowded.

Finding an efficient way to store office essentials and creating a productive environment for workers is becoming an increasingly difficult balance. Rather than keep moving up into the sky and making rooms smaller, offices should start to consider how they can make the most of their outdoor space.

28 Mar 2011

Barnet Hospital relative room

Barnet Hospital officially opened their fully furnished new Commercial Escape patient relative room in September. It is an example of a building where to some degree even the roof is inspiring.
Kay Laurie - Deputy Director of Patient Experience talks about it in a 2 minute video here. You can read the story here.