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Swap the stresses of the workplace for the comfort of home

by anonymous | Sep 1, 2013 | Blog, Residential

Wouldn’t it be great if the summer, and the lie-ins, never had to end? While we can’t rely on the British sunshine lasting until Christmas, the return of the colder months doesn’t have to bring your 9-5 routine along with it. So if you’ve been dreaming of the benefits of an extra half an hour in bed since your alarm went off this morning, why not join the 17% of UK employees who have swapped the stresses of the workplace for the comfort of their home.

Of course while working from home comes with considerable attractions, challenges can arise when it comes to finding a suitable office space; clearing the dining table between meals or sharing a work surface with your family makes it difficult to distinguish between work and home life. We understand that without a dedicated study space it can be easy to get distracted by household chores, so the innovative design of a Garden Escape allows you to remain in walking distance of your home, while embracing the benefits of flexible working.

Located in a separate building to the main house, with the option to make it entirely self-contained with washroom or kitchenette facilities, the short ‘journey’ to work will allow you to separate and manage your responsibilities without distraction and allow you greater flexibility with your schedule and duties.

homeworking garden office

Mr Quinn initially asked for a studio where he could follow his life-long dream to be a photographer from the comfort of his back garden, but his bespoke office made such a difference to his work that his wife commissioned a matching one! Now their ‘his and hers’ Escapes allow them to concentrate on their projects in an eco-friendly environment free from the distractions of their family home.

Worried about costs? The average worker spends almost a sixth of their wages on commuting, lunches and office birthdays! Besides the savings you will make on travel fares and expenses, each of our eco-offices is designed to reduce energy wastage and bills from the start of the build and throughout its lifespan. Combining site specific design with high-performance energy saving technology creates an environment you can enjoy in all weathers, without worrying about the cost of heating it. And whether you choose to work a 9-5 day or adjust your hours to suit your lifestyle, with recessed ceiling lights, sun pipes and ultra-low-watt lights you can enjoy your ideal working conditions whatever time of day!

So this winter instead of battling to crush onto early morning trains, swap your usual routine for a relaxed start to the day from the comfort of your garden office. After more than 400 successful planning applications we know how to gain permission for your project without fuss or delay, and will work with you to create a working environment that suits your needs and likes. If you would like to arrange a free, no-obligation survey or ask any further questions please call us on 0800 917 7726.

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