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Summer is coming….time to tone up

by anonymous | May 23, 2014 | Blog, Residential

Ne’er cast your clout till May is out….and it nearly is. Indeed, my clout was shed this weekend…though just my warm layers: I only braved a slither of skin. But before we know it, it’ll be time for sun tops, shorts and swimsuits and that means a bit of muscle tone is in order, and that means exercise. At least it does for me, and I know I’m not alone in feeling that my muscles could do with a little more tonicity before I don my (not so) teeny weeny costume.

The experts will tell you that the trick to rapid fat burn and quick muscle conditioning is to do whatever you are already doing, but in short, sharp bursts interspersed by brief rest periods. Unfortunately, this methodology does not lend itself to typing, hoovering or house training a puppy…which constitute my main forms of activity these days. So the only answer for me, is the gym. If you are singing from my song sheet (which also includes a verse describing my antipathy towards exercising in public) then maybe you should consider the merits of your very own garden gym.

Not only will you be able to exercise when you want and are able to, without the procrastinatory ruse of insufficient time to spend travelling to {and parking at} your local gym, but you will also be able to enjoy a boost to your workout. As you sweat it out (as red faced and gasping as you like) you will be able to immerse yourself in the view of your garden. And there is a growing realisation amongst health professionals that Just looking at, and being in, green gardens reduces anxiety and stress. Stress depletes the hormones that aid with fat loss, so swapping the angst of communal calorie crunching for a solitary and tranquil tummy toning session, has got to be a way to go.

A Garden Escape gym will give you a fantastic view of your garden through its full length windows and bi-folding doors, which also offer great ventilation to cool your sweaty brow. When it’s chilly, there’s great eco and budget friendly heating available too. Our foundations are solid and our floors considerably stronger than a common or garden shed (sorry about the pun) giving ample support for even the heaviest items of gym equipment. Connection to mains amenities is a standard part of any of our packages, so not only will your kit be powered, you could also install a small shower room for an instant post workout freshen up. It also means that the room could double up as a guest suite when you have a house full: we are able to install a clever accordial wall system which allows for easy storage of gym machines, or anything else. And if you get a little bored looking out upon the garden, you could always sneak in a gym TV. After all, there’s always the latest box set of Breaking Bad to catch up on!

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