Spruce up your eco-building to make it good as new

Garden Office by The Garden Escape

There are very good reasons why we clad most of our buildings in red cedar. It is beautiful, durable, environmentally friendly and sustainable. Cedar has a considerable naturally resistance to decay and should last a good 40 or 50 years without the need for any significant maintenance.

As we take care to avoid iron rich metal fixings and trims, which can react with the wood’s natural oils, our buildings are not prone to unsightly patches of rust staining. However, the timber will weather gracefully and over time the vibrant red hue will fade to a soft, subtle silvery grey. The weathering process is quite likely to occur unevenly at first, but eventually the building will end up roughly the same colour.

Many of our customers are big fans of the weathered look, but equally others love the rich, striking tones of fresh cut red cedar which can only be maintained with a little TLC. It is not a casual DIY job for those short of time or faint of heart, as it often involves a full jet wash, particularly in pollutant rich urban locations, followed by a day or two of drying out and then two or three applications of oil. Furthermore, it is important that care is taken to avoid the overlap of oil application on any sections if you are to avoid an uneven finished colour effect.

For those customers who wish to maintain the original look of their buildings, but have neither the time, tools or skills to undertake the task themselves, TG Escapes offer a full rejuvenation service. Our package includes both cleaning (where necessary) and oiling (with only the highest quality, specialist cedar oil), together with the adjustment of any windows and doors which may have flexed over time. Once completed, our process will leave your building looking and feeling as good as new.

An average Garden Building oiling starts from £795. For education and commercial buildings please call us on 0800 917 7726 or email info@tgescapes.co.uk.

Garden Room before oiling...                                                              

Garden gym by The Garden Escape before oiling.jpg                      

 ...after oiling.  

 Garden gym by The Garden Escape after oiling.jpg

Eco-classroom before oiling...                                                                                                             

Grange Infants before oiling.JPG 

...after oiling. 

Grange Infants after oiling.jpg