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Its Raining Again

by anonymous | Nov 21, 2014 | Blog, Residential

Having just returned from an exceptionally soggy walking expedition with the dog (even he had had enough by the end of it!) I thought I’d take a quick look at the long range weather forecasts for this winter and gingerly crossed my fingers in the hope that we are not in for a repeat of last year’s record levels of rainfall.

 I was heartened by a general consensus among weather pundits that this winter is almost certainly going to be drier than last, and potentially less wet than average, Yay. Although, there is a but: It is likely to be pretty chilly, with a particularly cold snap expected over Christmas and New Year.

Whilst it’ll be lovely to cosy up with family and friends in front of a roaring fire over the festive period, it does mean you’ll have an uphill struggle to coax the children away from their devices and out into the sunlight during the Christmas hols. Or indeed, the rest of the winter season.

A Garden Escape, filled with some comfortable furniture, lots of board games and plenty of good books (and perhaps a fridge loaded with healthy snacks) may well do the trick. Declare an open house policy for all their friends, and you’re almost certainly onto a winner, leaving you to peacefully recover from all the hard work and partying that Christmas involves. You might even be able to catch up on a little screen time yourself.

Infact, on the days when the children can’t be tempted out, mount your own escape bid and indulge yourself in an afternoon, curled up with some Christmas leftovers, a lovely pot of tea and a really good novel. Switch on the heating, play some restful tunes, snuggle down and read….with nothing but the foraging birds and squirrels outside the full length windows for company. . And if someone wants to join you, get stuck in to a game of Twister or a Monopoly marathon, or just have a cuddle and a good old chinwag.

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