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Gardening is good for you!

by anonymous | Aug 14, 2013 | Blog, Residential

Whether you’re feeling tired, bored or a little down, spending time in your garden – working or relaxing – can instantly lift your spirits. And now, thanks to a recent survey conducted by Gardener’s World, we can officially confirm that being in your garden is good for your physical, and mental, health!

The results revealed that over 90% of gardeners believed it improved their mood, and cultivated a greater sense of positivity and optimism – with those who garden for more than six hours a week rating their wellbeing at 87%.

gardening healthThese new statistics are the latest confirmation of what gardeners and scientists alike have long supported. Aside from the physical activity, Vitamin D and the nurturing elements of gardening, Dr Chris Lowry from Bristol University recently suggested that a bacteria found in the soil, Mycobacterium vaccae, may lift spirits by causing the brain to produce extra serotonin, which decreases anxiety and improves the ability to learn new tasks.

You can further optimise the mood benefits of your outdoor space through the colours it displays. Colour Psychology suggests that that we each have an individual palette of colours that increases our personal satisfaction

Ideally, your garden’s colour scheme should reflect your personal taste and character. So if you are bright and lively, try combining strong reds and yellows or, if you prefer a cooler environment, match serene blues with harmonising greens. Start with the primary colours, and try a combination of different shades to display the best results.

Reds are physically stimulating, and can make us overestimate temperatures and the speed of passing time. Often associated with strength, energy and warmth, try introducing Peonies, Dahlias or Tuberous Begonias into your garden.

Blues reflect intelligence, serenity and efficiency to create a cool and calming space. Try combining different saturations of blue, like Hydrangeas, Delphiniums and Bluestars, to achieve the best effect.

Yellows represent confidence and creativity, with a positive colour proven to lift spirits and encourage optimism. Maximise their effect in your garden with Black-eyed Susans, Daylilys and Coreopsis.

Whatever colours you decide to use, an outdoor space to relax and observe your hard work from can optimise your enjoyment of it.  We can create a design that incorporates elements of your garden, allowing you to enjoy your new room, while benefitting from the views of your outdoor space. 

dampier garden room When the Dampiers consulted us about their garden studio, they were anxious that it should blend in with their surroundings, without spoiling their spectacular views. By combining the natural beauty of wood and glass with a living Sedum roof we created a space that “looks as if it was meant to be there”, and allows them to spend time enjoying their garden, regardless of the seasons or weather!  


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