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It’s our 10th birthday!

May 14, 2013 | Blog, General

2013 is an exciting year for TGEscapes as we turn the grand old age of ten. The last decade has seen us bring outdoor spaces to homes, businesses and schools across the country, never straying from our eco-friendly mission.

A little background information

The company was set up in 2003 by husband and wife team Richard and Kath. They wanted to create rooms that would reflect their surroundings and provide opportunities to escape amongst a natural space. On a mission to deliver a full service and a focus to take care of the environment, they created TGEscapes.

With so many different people and places looking for outdoor rooms, TGEscapes became The Garden Escape, The Learning Escape and The Commercial Escape. Over the last ten years our escapes have given homeowners, employers, staff and pupils the chance to reap the benefits of nature in their every day lives.


What a difference a year makes

The last year has been a particularly busy one. At the Eco Schools Show in June, we published a whitepaper report that highlighted how important a connection with nature is for both children and the environment. We have used this data to build a resource centre for schools and parents who want to teach their children the importance of Environmental Citizenship. We’ve had some fantastic feedback from the results and look forward to extending our research this year.

The last twelve months has also seen TGEscapes design and build its very first multi-story outdoor room. A new classroom project at Woolwich Polytechnic has taken The Learning Escape to the next level, literally, and is one of our biggest and best projects to date.


Moving onwards and upwards

As we celebrate our 10th birthday we are already looking forwards to the next decade. We work hard to research the latest developments in technology and methods to ensure that we are delivering outdoor rooms that keep to our environmental mission. We will continue to provide a full service, giving you the reassurance that everything is taken care of from start to finish and our team will always be experts in their field.


It’s been a busy ten years, as we are certain the next ten will be, and we look forward to providing many more homes, businesses and schools with their natural escapes.

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