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ClimateCare’s approach is a ‘no brainer’

Jan 7, 2013 | Blog, General

ClimateCare have always been associated with innovative Climate and Development projects and recently they have gained great praise for their integrated approach. This is enabling many UK businesses to integrate climate and development activities, focus on measurable results and be smarter with their budgets.

Jonathan Porritt, of Forum for the Future, has endorsed the ClimateCare approach, emphasising that "sound, science based offsets should be a vital part of our toolkit." He suggests that investing in the best possible offsets can help us make sweeping cuts and improve people's quality of life. He believes that it is a 'no brainer'.

It's not just Forum for the Future that has joined forces with ClimateCare. They also work with businesses as diverse as Sustainable Business Magazine and Jaguar Land Rover. ClimateCare has helped the Sustainable Business Magazine offset travel for events, while Jaguar Land Rover has been working with ClimateCare to fund carbon reduction projects all over the world. have also been working closely with ClimateCare to encourage their customers to think about offsetting their travel by breaking down their flights into carbon usage and showing them what else this could power. Just one passenger on a flight from London to New York produces 1.5 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of leaving a kettle boiling for two months or a television on for three years.

ClimateCare's approach is an inspiration to any business, school or home that wants to think about offsetting its impact on the environment and improving the lives of people in some of the world’s least developed communities. At TGEscapes we research into new and innovative ways to build our escapes that reduce our carbon footprint and design eco-friendly buildings that we hope, in turn, will give something back. Our recent report, The Outdoor Environment can help schools introduce the important subject of Environmental Citizenship into the curriculum and inspire a new, environmentally aware and caring generation.

To find out more about integrating Climate and Development activities and to offset your emissions online, go to


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