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You don’t have to wait to fund your Learning Escape now…

by anonymous | Oct 10, 2013 | Blog, Education

Years of experience working with schools has shown us that each one has a different story to tell about why they chose a Learning Escape, what it will mean to their community, and how they found the money to pay for it.  Many, like the children of Spinnens Acre Community Primary School, spend years tirelessly fundraising but if your growing school is urgently in need of more space and freedom, the process of funding, designing and building your Learning Escape may need to happen faster.

We know that money in schools can be tight and not readily available for new building projects, but a new finance system offered by Portman Asset Finance allows you to repay the amount over several years, rather than upfront, letting you maintain your savings for use elsewhere.

A payment rate is agreed at the beginning, and remains fixed throughout the lease period – which can range between 1 – 10 years.  As with your eco-classroom, each asset finance model is tailored to your individual needs and situation allowing you to make payments at rates and times that suit your school’s access to funding.  

If the price of the building project has previously deterred you, asset finance can spread the cost over the longevity of the build and, as each payment is 100% allowable against tax, provide you with further financial benefits.  With a 98% acceptance rate and plenty of experience working with schools, Portman Asset Finance guarantee a financial plan which suits your specific needs.  And, since every Learning Escape comes with a 60-year lifespan, it makes sense to pay the cost across several years of its usage, rather than on Day 1.

After your consultation, should you choose to purchase a Learning Escape, Portman Asset Finance will process your application within 48 hours and create your finance model.  They will then make full payment to us, and construction will begin.  The asset finance system also allows greater flexibility in your design requests, with the chance to invest in higher quality facilities and equipment.  With extra features such as kitchens, art areas and eco-friendly toilets to choose from, you can commission your school’s ideal learning environment without financial restriction.  Additionally, a ‘turn key’ project, as chosen by St Fagan’s CW Primary School, can assist your planning and budgeting by including everything in the initial price.

Starting a new building project can be an exciting but anxious time for any school environment, so we try to minimise the hassle and concern for you wherever possible.

If you would like to discuss further any aspect of the Portman Asset Finance system, or find out more information about funding options or the build itself please contact us on 0800 917 7726.

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