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What if your Condition Improvement Fund bid is unsuccessful?

by anonymous | Mar 4, 2015 | Blog, Education

For those of you who have been unsuccessful in your bids for the 2015-16 Condition Improvement Funds, it will be bitterly dissapointing, particularly if you have an old building desperately in need of refurbishment or are bursting at the seams as pupil numbers grow. Should you be amongst the ranks of successful applicants, we wish you well for your future project. However, if your bid was turned down, we would like to offer you a helping hand to improve your chances of a more favourable outcome upon your next bid. We are more than happy to review your recent application with you and to provide a no-obligation, free quotation for a potential solution to your needs.

It could be that your plans to re-roof, rewire or remove asbestos from an old, slightly dilapidated block are simply financially unviable when compared to constructing a new, standalone building: likewise plans to traditionally extend existing school buildings in order to accommodate a rising intake of pupils. A standalone project would have the added advantage of being significantly less disruptive than a renovation venture, as pupils can continue to be taught in the old classrooms while the new building is erected. Furthermore, a modular construction method such as that employed by the Learning Escape, means that much of the process occurs offsite, reducing the time spent and mess made on the school’s premises.

However, aside from the considerations of capital cost and building disruption, a new building offers an exciting opportunity to dramatically reduce future running costs. An extremely high standard of energy efficiency can be woven into the fabric of the building, from its foundations to its floors, walls, windows and roof and, where appliances need to be installed, these too can be selected to minimise energy requirements. But perhaps most importantly, a new building opens up the possibility of creating an inspirational new teaching and learning environment for staff and pupils alike. We are underway with the development of a Sixth Form block as an extension to the Art Block we created for Woolwich Polytechnic.

A building’s design can have an enormous impact upon how we feel and how well we perform as has been highlighted in a recent study reported on by the BBC here. The spaces we occupy shape who we are and how we behave and have significant consequences for our psychological well-being and cognitive function. Our classrooms are designed to create a powerful and positive connection with the outdoors, whilst ensuring the interior space and its occupants are bathed in brilliant natural light. Why not take a look at our Whitepapers to see how this can improve the health, behaviour and even academic outcomes of your students, and then give us a call to see how we can help you make a successful CIF application? And if you decide you simply cannot wait another year for your project to get underway, consider our financing arrangement to see if it might provide you with a solution quicker than might otherwise be achieved.

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