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Subject specific problems & solutions of a bespoke Creative Space

by anonymous | Sep 27, 2013 | Blog, Education

A We were reading Parent & Teacher online this morning about a £1m fundraising campaign for their new music and 6th form centre at Adams Grammar school and that got us thinking.

A bespoke creative space promotes creative thinking and learning, helping students of all abilities to enjoy and engage with artistic subjects. Schools wouldn’t teach maths without calculators or science without textbooks, but when it comes to art, music and drama, students’ potential is often limited by restrictions of budget, space or equipment. Instead of the hassle and mess of teaching creative subjects in a space designed for less hands-on learning, a Creative Escape is an environment tailored to the individual needs of the subject, staff and students.

St Martins studio

A recent study by the University of Salford revealed that the design of a learning environment, including size, space and lighting, can affect a child’s academic progress by as much as 25% a year. Particularly for subjects encouraging spontaneity and inspiration, working in a bespoke space can improve concentration, behaviour and work. So, during the design process, our team of experts carefully considers the size and location of each project to maximise access to natural lighting and scenery.

Silkmore Community Primary School’s outdoor classroom has allowed them to undertake projects impossible in their previously existing space. Their musical and dramatic performances have been “enhanced by the dynamics” of their new studio, allowing their shows to be bigger and better! Due to its eco-design, made with sustainable timber and recycled glass, the spacious room blends in to its green surroundings, enabling students to take inspiration from their natural environment.

In existing classrooms, a lack of appropriate creative space can often pose a serious health and safety risk to staff and students – as well as the risk of damage to the room itself! Ample storage is a design feature emphasised by our clients time and time again, so our team of designers include enough to create a spacious environment free from clutter and trip hazards. Rather than covering work surfaces with newspapers, our Creative Spaces come equipped with practical, washable surfaces and washrooms, to create a self-contained environment that reduces mess in other parts of the school.

When Hampton Infant School contacted us about their ‘Creativity Room’, their brief was for a relaxing, inspirational space suitable for a range of activities from lesson planning, to art, to occupational therapy. They also requested a plainly decorated room with a peaceful atmosphere, where pupils with learning disabilities could work without being excited by the brightly decorated main school. Separate from the main building, the multi-purpose room gives children and staff a quiet area where clever design solutions allow its uses to co-exist without impingement on space.

As with all our eco-classrooms, we strive to reduce the environmental impact of all our builds and, since each design is tailored to the client, can accommodate any specific requests and concerns. Whether you’re interested in creating a drama studio, performing arts centre or simply a space to encourage inspiration from your natural surroundings, we will work with your school to create the ideal learning environment for you. 

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