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Studios for learning

by Rob Powell | Sep 28, 2015 | Blog, Education


Many schools choose to create a learning studio in order to give their pupils a space that differs from the traditional classroom. The subjects taught in these studios may require unique equipment, mirrored walls for dance or instruments for music, or need an environment that encourages creative thinking. A studio gives pupils an opportunity to work directly with their chosen subject, to focus on it entirely without other classroom distractions. Eco-classrooms can make ideal self contained studios for Art, Music, Dance and darkrooms for photography.

The Learning Environment

Developing an eco classroom into a learning studio can benefit both the pupils that use it and the environment that surrounds it. Freeing children from the traditional confines of a classroom allows them to see improvements in their cognitive, affective, interpersonal, physical and behavioural skills. Schools often find that pupils who work in an outdoor studio are enjoying a more direct experience of the subject and approach challenges in a more practical way.

A Creative Escape studio brings natural light and sustainable materials into the learning experience. Large windows and doors reduce the need for artificial lighting, while sustainable timber breaks the barrier between the classroom and the school grounds.

Woolwich Polytechnic eight studio artblock

A Learning Escape at Woolwich Polytechnic became the centre for their outstanding art department. Moving the art studios into a modular classroom building gave pupils and staff the benefits of working in a natural space whilst making room for their growing intake. To find out how other schools have benefited from our learning studios or an outdoor classroom, view our case studies.

The Learning Escape@Woolwich PolyMPU.jpg





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