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Outdoor classrooms could help address primary school place shortage

by anonymous | Mar 21, 2012 | Blog, Education


News today that we face a shortage of primary school places. This article in the Telegraph tells the full story. Whilst this is certainly a concern for parents and government alike, it could also represent an opportunity for primary schools.

Outdoor classrooms are one way to help re-connect children to nature. Buildings created from sustainable materials located in natural surroundings with large windows and natural light can provide a different type of learning environment. Not only can this enhance learning, it has also been found that direct nature experiences are important for changing environmental attitudes and behaviour and can provide physchological benefits for children suffering from ADD.

So for schools who will need more space we urge you to consider not just numbers and accommodation. Your choice of building could make a dramatic difference to your schools success and student & staff motivation.

Mrs Chalmers from Danesfield Manor School told us about the impact of their Learning Escape on her school. “Giving the children a new setting to learn in has had a big impact on their motivation. Working amongst natural surroundings has enhanced the imagination and creativity we pride ourselves on applying to teaching and learning. The children find the external views and connection with the environment to be genuinely inspirational. Talking to the pupils about the eco-friendly features of the build has been a great way to teach them about sustainability and the environment.”

You can read the full case study here.


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