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A nursery space that grows with your school

by anonymous | Oct 31, 2013 | Blog, Education

According to the Local Government Association, almost half of English school districts will have a shortage of primary places by 2015, threatening to raise an even bigger challenge for parents hoping to secure their child a space at their ‘first-choice’ primary school.

As the number of children of school-intake age continues to rise, schools are often forced to expand class sizes and construct temporary buildings to accommodate them. Although this can be the only solution, teaching in cramped conditions has an adverse effect on both teachers and students. A stand alone eco-classroom takes advantage of both a school’s natural surroundings and the benefits of exposure to nature on children’s behavior and achievement to create an additional learning environment.

Often primary schools are in need of more space for their youngest children to learn and play freely. St Fagans Primary in Cardiff needed just this, and chose to create an eco-classroom for their early years children to fully explore their natural surroundings and to free up space in the main school. Since its construction, parents and teachers have observed a change in the children’s behavior. Full-height windows and doors maximize natural lighting, encouraging greater concentration from the young learners and allowing them to take inspiration from the environment around them as they work.

Budgets for new school buildings are often tight, but a Learning Escapes classroom serves as a multi-purpose learning environment where creative lessons like art, music and drama can co-exist with school council meetings and assemblies. As a turn-key project, everything from light fittings to roof tiles are included in the initial price allowing you to plan your finances without the worry of last-minute costs.

If your school is running out of space but struggling to raise the funds for a new building project, Portman Asset Finance offer a fast and cost-effective way to finance your Learning Escape. After considering your individual situation, they will prepare a bespoke financial package which allows you to repay the cost at a fixed rate, over a period of time that suits you.

If you would like us to visit your school and conduct a free survey, please call us on 0800 917 7726. 

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