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The NPH National Annual Conference – 21st & 22nd May

by anonymous | May 19, 2014 | Blog, Education

The NPH is run by, with and for primary head teachers with the aim of facilitating the formation of local and regional groups that, together, give primary heads a united perspective and voice. One of its fundamental objectives is for head teachers to reclaim the primary curriculum, which has become rigidly focused upon numeracy and literacy in recent years. The NPH believes that creativity and imagination need to be restored to their rightful place alongside core curriculum subjects, if our primary education system is to cultivate a future generation of well-rounded citizens, with a love of learning.

The annual conference this year will be taking place at The Holiday Inn, Stratford-upon-Avon, on 21st and 22nd May and it will mark the launch of the NPH campaign “Our Children, Their Future”. It boasts some impressive, quality speakers, as well as offering useful breakout sessions; a wide range of exhibitors and valuable opportunities for participants to network with other head teachers.

Amongst those speaking are Marcus Orlovsky (of the visionary educational consultancy, Bryanston Square) and Russell Hobby, a prolific and thoughtful researcher, writer and speaker on educational leadership. We, at The Learning Escape, are delighted to be part of the exhibition cohort. Come along and say hello to Matt, who is looking forward to having a chat with you about how our eco-classrooms can assist your school and its staff create an inspirational learning environment.

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