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A new Learning Escape: How will you use yours?

by anonymous | Jun 14, 2013 | Blog, Education

Every Learning Escape is a brand new project and it’s always exciting to find out what a school wants to create in their grounds. Designing buildings that are flexible and bespoke allows us to find the perfect fit, whether it’s for pupils or staff, lessons or meetings.

We’ve worked on some exciting buildings over the past ten years in schools and nurseries. While many choose to develop their Learning Escape into an outdoor classroom, there have been a number of projects that showcase the different ways you can use one of our modular buildings.

Pooles Park Primary


The environmental workshop

At Pooles Park Primary School, environmental citizenship workshops can take place throughout the seasons in their Learning Escape. The sheltered space provides a real-life example of environmental awareness and is the perfect place for the children to connect with nature. It acts as a much-needed classroom, meeting room, rendezvous point and hub for their volunteers, visitors, parents, families, staff and children.


Woolwich Polytechnic Art Block

The art block 

In The Learning Escape's biggest project to date,Woolwich Polytechnic has recently opened a multi-storey modular building to house their 'outstanding' art department across eight classrooms. Drawing inspiration from their natural surroundings, the school now has space for its growing intake and a creative place to work. The new art block has become a hub of activity and has inspired their creativity.


Ailkmore Music Room

The performance hall

Silkmore Community Primary School wanted to create an outdoor building that would accommodate their wildest ideas. Their new school hall has transformed their musical and drama performances, giving them the flexibility and dynamics to put on grand shows. They are now able to showcase performances that were previously impossible in their space, all whilst using nature as a backdrop.


Hampton Infants

The creativity room

With a busy main school building, the staff at Hampton Infant School wanted to develop a creativity room where children could learn, read and unleash their imaginations in a secluded space. A Learning Escape has provided them with a peaceful space where those that need a little help with literacy can concentrate more easily. It has also been helpful for children that require occupational therapy and has been used by staff who need a quiet place for paperwork.


Whitehill Primary Staff Room

The staff room

A Learning Escape at Whitehill Primary School has provided staff with a peaceful room to relax in during their breaks. They wanted a light and airy space that would be a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of busy school life and give staff a space to work and enjoy the quiet. The room is also used for school council meetings. It gives the children on the board a sense of empowerment for being allowed inside and this pride is reflected in the decisions they make for the school.


St Martins Music Room

The music room

St Martin’s at Shouldham C of E Primary School has always taught its pupils to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. They developed an eco classroom that would sit within its natural surroundings and give the children a place to enjoy music lessons away from the main school building. When it’s not being used for creating musical masterpieces, the in-built kitchen provides a space for food technology lessons and when the day ends the room plays host to a variety of after school clubs.




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