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Learning Escapes vs Brick and Mortar School Buildings

by anonymous | Mar 30, 2013 | Blog, Education

Successful schools often require more space to accommodate a growing student intake. One of the biggest decisions many schools have to make is the choice between more traditional brick and mortar school buildings and something more natural like a Learning Escape.

Both buildings have their advantages but looking at how they compare can help a school find the right one for them.

Eco classroom by TG Escapes

Longevity: Brick and mortar is traditionally used in buildings that are designed to last but you might be surprised by how long a wooden build will remain good as new. While brick and mortar school buildings begin to deteriorate with age, a Learning Escape will let nature take its course, weathering beautifully with age or kept perfect with a wood care package. The natural and environmentally friendly aspects of an eco-classroom will benefit the school and the environment for decades.

Safety: Safety is a top priority in any school so ensuring that your new building fits all of the rules and regulations will be top of your list. Compared to a brick and mortar classroom, a Learning Escape has a number of added features to ensure your pupils’ safety. Specifications such as non-slip decking are always used in our builds and additions can be made such as applying manifestation to any areas of glazing that you want to prevent against injuries from collisions.

Warranties: A traditional brick and mortar school building requires a big team arriving from all angles. Once they’ve packed away their tools, it can be difficult to get hold of a warranty. At TG Escapes we can provide a full service that will ensure that all of your concerns are covered. We offer all schools 10-year warranties on our buildings.

TG Escapes eco classrooms are an affordable solution

Flexibility: While a brick and mortar classroom may appear a more permanent addition to the school grounds, if intakes continue to grow staff may find themselves running out of space. A brick build is difficult to expand and to do so may require a lot of construction work. Modular classrooms like a Learning Escape are flexible and can be expanded as the school grows, saving time and money in the long run.

If your school is considering additional space, a Learning Escape could provide many more benefits than a brick and mortar build. For a free survey, anywhere in the UK, call us on 0800 917 7726 or fill out our online form.


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