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Learning about literature and performance in a Creative Escape

by anonymous | Oct 24, 2013 | Blog, Education

Performing Shakespeare beneath the shade of an oak tree, or teaching children to paint in green, open fields are ideas often compromised by the British climate, which reminds us of the need for a creative, but practical, working space. Schools are keen to include outdoor learning in the main curriculum, and creative subjects like art, drama and music can greatly benefit from this exposure to the natural world.

As well as the proven improvements to behaviour, concentration and attitude encouraged by their closeness to nature, a classroom separate from the main school building creates a sense of freedom, encouraging children to experiment with ideas, materials and projects in a bespoke, safe environment.                                                        

Our design team is expert in combining practical aspects with a contemporary, stylish design to produce a learning space ideal for staff and students. With limited space around the school, clients like Kymbrook Primary School request an environment where school plays, ballet lessons and choirs can express themselves and feel it is designed especially for their needs. Using clever storage solutions, lighting and features like sprung floors, our designers create spaces where each subject can be enjoyed without impinging on others.

“The children are inspired…and we’ve seen a great improvement in their creativity.”Marianne Baker, Headteacher of Dodford Primary School, initially contacted us to commission a new outdoor library area, where students could read and relax amid the views of their award-winning Danish garden. However after completion, they found that the natural space, features and atmosphere of the room was also perfectly suited for one-to-one tuition, outdoor lessons, art projects and PPA time.

If your school is interested in a free no-obligations survey, or would like to ask any questions about an eco-friendly creative space and how it could work in your environment, please get in touch on 0800 917 7726.



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