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by anonymous | Nov 28, 2014 | Blog, Education

Built from sustainable materials, a Learning Escape offers more than just a building. It provides schools with an opportunity to engage children in environmental citizenship by talking to them about materials, methods and energy efficiency.

A new Learning Escape being built at the Sacred Heart School in Coventry recently provided a great opportunity for us to spend some time with their children, introducing them to the world of construction and sustainability.

We were recently delighted to be invited to assist their two reception classes with their Three Little Pigs construction project.

Armed with hi-vis vests for all, and purpose made cedar boxes, our man Karl responded to the task with the same drive and commitment he puts into each and every building project!

He began by telling the children about how timber framed buildings were among the earliest constructions to be built, as humans moved out of the caves.

There then followed an enthusiastic debate about the poor workmanship of the second Little Pig, whose wooden home was blown down, before talking in more detail about the world of construction and the idea of sustainability. And then it was time for the fun stuff.

Children at Sacred Heart Primary learn construction with The Learning Escape

Everyone donned their hi-vis jackets to head out to the building which the children had recently seen being built. The build team had laid out 60 sets of all the main elements used in the construction process including samples of cedar, bolts, insulation and roofing rubber. Karl explained what the parts were used for, and why, whilst gently talking about the importance of using sustainable materials and methods.

Children at Sacred Heart Primary learn construction with The Learning Escape

There was then a vain attempt made to huff and puff and blow the building down. Fortunately, it was still standing as the children headed back to their classroom, each clutching their little cedar boxes filled with all the building product samples, ready for further experimentation.

We’re not entirely sure who enjoyed the visit more: the staff, the children or Karl!

Children at Sacred Heart Primary learn construction with The Learning Escape

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