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Get your school involved with Recycle Week, 16th June

by anonymous | Jun 5, 2014 | Blog, Education

The Learning Escape was developed with the environment and its protection as a fundamental and integral part of our mission. We have dramatically improved upon traditional methods of construction, using environmentally friendly materials and technologies to create learning spaces that are ecologically sound, sustainable and healthy.

For instance, our unique pad based foundations use a minimal amount of concrete and our timber is sourced from sustainably and ethically managed forests. And our insulation material uses up to 80% recycled, post-consumer glass destined for landfill, making it one of the most environmentally sustainable insulation products on the market today.

Recycle Now is a Government funded organisation that drives the national recycling campaign, which started in 2004: its mission is to help more people, recycle more things, more often. The week commencing 16th June marks its annual Recycle Week campaign and this year’s theme is “Recycling at Home and Away”. Their website has some great suggestions to help schools teach their students about the importance of recycling and how they can make a difference at school, at home and in their local community.

It is a fantastic opportunity to engage children with the concept of ecological prudence whilst nurturing their sense of environmental citizenship. Most young people are already aware of the need for everyone to take their environmental responsibilities seriously but many are not given the opportunity to make a difference at home. They need guidance to see how simple it can be and to realise that lots of small actions by lots of people can result in big change. Armed with knowledge, confidence and a desire to do their bit, they can make sustainable development a reality in their homes and the community in which they live.

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